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Why Choose Us for your Travel Software Needs? has long striven to become a leading source for ranked travel-related information online. We’ve channeled that commitment to reliable information here again to provide you with information regarding the best software and browser extensions to help facilitate your travel booking experience.


No matter what we are reviewing, we strive to apply our principled journalistic standards and in-depth review criteria in order to provide you with quality information that won’t find on other lessor travel information websites. Unlike those low brow websites, we stand whole-heartedly behind our recommendations based upon our hands-on experience and the experiences of other travelers.


Travel software is a unique domain, given that many of the best pieces of software for facilitating travel arrangements are not specifically targeted as such. Even so, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the most useful applications and add-ons that you can install on your home computer for the purpose of better cataloging and navigating competing travel websites.


Whether you’re interested in functionality, compatibility, transparency and more, will provide you with insight into which travel softwares are worth installing and which are worth sending to the recycling bin. We provide our recommendations at no extra cost, safe in the knowledge that you’ll try out these programs from the minute you learn about their many practical uses.


Why Use a Website to find Travel Software?


There was a time when the best software recommendations were handed out by your tech savvy friends or the clerk at Circuit City. Those analog days are behind us now as the internet provides a direct uplink between you and the most knowledgeable tech experts in the world. As such, a website would logically serve as the best source for highly useful travel software recommendations.


However, anyone who has spent even an hour online knows that not all of its catalogued information is useful or truthful. The internet, after all, is flush with travel websites who are trying to hood-wink experienced travel shoppers into choosing a less than optimal travel package. Some might even proport to provide travel software that is, in reality, spyware. isn’t like those untrustworthy websites, though, and you should always expect the best from us. We believe the internet’s deep knowledge base can be harnessed to our user’s advantage, so we take every opportunity to curate our reviews and list based upon only proven travel software solutions.


Between the raw knowledge base of the internet and our refined sense of functionality, your absolute best option for finding travel software is clear – our website, We’ll help you cut out the hassle of finding digital travel tools and maximize your travel planning efforts along the way, all from one central hub.


What Makes Us Unique?


As noted, our team here at is fully committed to providing savvy travelers with access to the internet’s best information regarding booking, tickets, and software. While we make enough to keep the lights on and the servers running, our efforts aren’t driven by profits. Instead, we are guided by a desire to provide for other travelers what we would desire they provide for us – namely, the best in travel planning solutions.


With regards to travel software specifically, we don’t simply provide a list of random selections and then skip town. Instead, we take the time to explain each of our picks and align them key criteria relating to factors such as functionality and user friendliness. Then, we post our lists on our easy-to-navigate digital hub so that you can find as much travel information as possible all in one location.


In founding, our team believed it was important to communicate digital-native knowledge to folks with less computer and internet experience overall. We identified a deficit in this field relating to travel information and we sought to fill that need with precision and poise. Our travel software recommendations are a continuation of that inclusive mentality, allowing digital veterans and amateurs alike to learn from the best and brightest online.


At our core, our passion is creating a reliable source of travel information that isn’t tethered to the monied demands of a major company. We believe in doing our job and doing it well, creating a reliable platform where you can find everything you need to know about the best travel opportunities and software for facilitating travel arrangements.


Ranking Criteria for Travel Software


We take pride in our recommendations, so we always support our lists and reviews with critical ranking criteria designed to accurately and concisely provide you with the full picture on every piece of travel-related software. We filter our information down until only the very best remains, ensuring that every software recommendation you take from use will simplify your travel booking process and still leave your computer safe from unwarranted harm.


In general, our criteria are designed to highlight each program and applications unique qualities, from initial impressions in functionality to lasting matters like user friendliness. Compatibility is always addressed in these software-related reviews, as is transparency regarding the software’s developer.


These following criteria have guided our views regarding these leading pieces of travel software. Each of our recommended software packages are packed with value from these criteria, so don’t pass up an opportunity to try them while planning your next getaway.




First and foremost, we won’t even consider a piece of travel software if it doesn’t work as advertised. That sort of low-grade software is never given a spot on our travel software lists. Instead, we only pass along our full recommendations for pieces of software that can directly or indirectly help simplify your travel booking process.


Functionality itself comes in many different forms and will vary from program to program. But in general, we can certify a given piece of software as fully functional removes a step or a barrier from the overall travel booking process. Though online travel booking is already fairly easy, we believe that you can really leverage the digital environment using these programs to get the most affordable, most value-packed travel options on the market.


User Friendliness


Folks with even a minimum amount of tech experience know how truly frustrating it is to use an app or a program that is not user friendly. Simply put, these pieces of software are not conducive to stream-lined, intuitive use and are often more trouble than they are worth. Our user friendliness standards filter out these poor performers, leaving only the best options to simplify your travel process.


Also, we always talk about user friendliness from a place of experience. Our reviewers always try out each piece of software and apply it to the travel booking process in a variety of versatile manners. After taking the software for a test drive, our reviewers come back and appraise what they did and did not like in their listings. These reviews also take into account other users’ experiences in order to create a full picture of each application.




Compatibility is also an important criterion for us because we understand the importance of using software that runs smoothly and efficiently without the need for extra support structures. In order to communicate base compatibility, our travel software reviews always list what operating systems (such as macOS or Windows) and browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) each piece of software is intended for.


We also account for compatibility in terms of fitting the job these pieces of software are tasked with. Just as you would use a shovel to dig a hole, each of these programs are able to accomplish travel-related jobs easily and efficiently based upon their versatile tool portfolios.


Transparency and Reliability


Some folks today are distrustful of online resources that proport to provide wonderfully useful computer software, and frankly, we can’t blame them. The internet at large hasn’t set the most reliable example, but we believe we can stand out from this negative norm by only providing recommendations to fully vetted software from reliable developers.


We also believe in keeping our own house in order before criticizing other online outfits. As such, we always strive to remain transparent in our content production process. Our thorough research process is based upon real experiences and information available online. Also, we will always note when we carry a financial stake in a specific review. As such, you can grow to rely on both the content of our reviews as well as the folks who create them.


How to Use Travel Software


If you’ve never used a piece of travel software, you may be carrying a bit of reasonable trepidation. Like online travel booking in general, this process can be intimidating until you try it for the first time and see how much easier it is than traditional, unassisted methods of travel planning.


Each of our recommended travel softwares function in truly unique manners, meaning that we cannot summarize how to use each program in one fell swoop. However, we do include tips in our reviews regarding the set up and basic function of each program in order to start you off on the right foot.


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Need help planning a trip? Want to know what is the best travel site? Looking for a top travel book or blog? Desperate to find a restaurant away from the crowds? I’ve got you covered.

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Your grandparents who are looking for the best travel site for flights to catch their cruise from Florida. Your parents who want the best vacation booking sites for that luxurious getaway they’ve been planning. Or even you, who may use travel guide websites to figure out how you can couch surf your way to South America.

I created TravelSites with years of experience trotting the globe. When I started, I was a budding young backpacker who just wanted to make the most of my trip as I discovered new places. I still do that now, but over the years, I’ve also booked more luxurious getaways that my entire family can enjoy and the dynamic of my budget and the things I wanted to experience expanded drastically. Throughout my journey of growth and exploration, I came across so many resources on the internet that helped me. TravelSites is just a compilation of the best travel sites I’ve ever come across and/ or used that helped me have the best trip every single time – no matter if I was going camping nearby or staying at a villa on a private island.

These are some of the best websites in the world and will help every type of traveler who would want to book plane tickets, rent a car, learn a local language, or find a photographer to visually document your experiences. You can also use the top travel sites to find top traveller apps for your smartphone, view YouTube channels by other travelers, or even just to figure out what the weather will be like while you’re there.

Why was TravelSites created?🤔🌴

When I started branching out, I turned to the internet to find travel sights. I soon realized that there were a lot of online travel sites filled with information but they were scattered all over the place. I would spend hours wasting time and energy looking for exactly what I wanted. If I wanted to book a hotel room, I’d find myself opening eight tabs for the best travel booking site, or searching for the best travel agency websites and being sent into site after site of ads and other junk. It was frustrating, to say the least, and I could only assume that there were travelers all over the world who were dealing with the same problem.

I decided to start TravelSites so that I could put all of the information I came across in one place while eliminating resources I knew travelers wouldn’t find useful. With more than 40 different categories, travelers can stay on the same website to gather all the information they need, not only saving them time but also saving them money by reading through the reviews to find the cheapest option.

I hope that will make it easy for travelers to visit every corner of the world and that we inspire them in the process.

How much does TravelSites cost?🤶🎅🆓🔝

Travel could be such an expensive adventure, and even if you find low prices from the best website for international flights or discounted stays at travel hotel sites using our website, why would we want to add another dollar? That’s why TravelSites will always be free for you to use.

Additionally, I don’t allow for any advertisements on the website because I do not want it to influence the travel cites listed in any way. This way, travelers like you and I can get what we need and not want sponsors are trying to tempt us with.

We aim to be the best website in the world to help you plan your adventures and we don’t believe it should cost you anything.

How do I contact you if I have a question?💡📞📧

I love hearing from fellow travelers all over the world. If you’d like to share how you used us to find travel sites for flights and other useful things, add a missing resource to my travel directory, or need me to answer a question, I can be reached via 💌email, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Linkedin.