Lonely Planet Travel News


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Lonely Planet has long been known as the most popular provider of travel guidebooks, with almost everyone having at least one copy of a guide to some country or other on their bookshelf. However, they also run a very successful travel news website that attracts thousands of readers everyday, featuring the most up-to-date information, insider tips, and inspiring ideas for budding travellers.


What sets Lonely Planet Travel News apart from similar websites is that their focus is not principally on flight mishaps or disaster overnight stays in airports. Rather like their guidebooks, they aim to give a sense of what locations are like by publishing articles on quirky discoveries, the newest travel gadgets, underrated destinations and top 10 lists. Each article is usually accompanied by a series of high quality photos and well-researched content, with links to related stories to keep you reading.


Another good addition to the website is the ‘Galleries’ section, which features a number of different photo albums by topic, including pictures that have attained worldwide accolades. It also presents a good alternative to reading an article if you are short of time and simply want to scroll through and find some inspirational ideas for travelling.


In my opinion, one thing Lonely Planet Travel News is lacking is a comments sections below each article where readers can leave their thoughts and start a discussion with other readers. Where other websites do this is often very successful, with people sometimes leaving thousands of comments that go beyond the content of the article.


Another thing that I have noticed when using Lonely Planet is that their articles are significantly shorter than on other websites, some being no more than four short paragraphs. More detail would make the website more comprehensive.

  • Variety of different inspiring topics
  • Galleries section features award-winning photographs from around the world
  • No comments section to leave thoughts on various articles
  • Articles are shorter than other similar websites