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r/CampingandHiking is a subreddit dedicated to offering advice and giving people the chance to ask questions about everything concerned with camping and hiking, be it where the best places to hike are to what exactly should be packed for a two-week trip to the Scottish Highlands. The page currently has over 600,000 subscribers, making it the go to place for those looking for a bit of advice or simply some inspiration of where to go.


For me, the most useful part of the subreddit is the country gear reviews, such as on rucksacks, boots and tents. Reviews can vary from a few bullet points to detailed paragraphs, often from a first-hand account. This is very helpful for those planning to buy gear for a trip without knowing exactly where to spend their money, and knowing when you are being ripped off or when it is a good deal.


Another feature of the subreddit that I like in particular is the variety of content shared on the feed, including photos, memes, lists, videos and polls. Not only does this make the page more engaging, some of the photos and videos posted give a great sense of what a place is like or how gear works when being used. There have been a number of times when I have gone onto the feed, simply to gain some inspiring ideas of where to travel to next by browsing through the various high quality photos.


There are also post categories that can be applied to filter results and find exactly what you’re looking for. However, the problem with this is that it then takes you through to a new page that displays different forums in a fairly jumbled and broad format, making it slightly difficult to navigate.

  • Detailed reviews give good idea of best hiking and camping gear to buy
  • Wide variety of different content, from lists to videos
  • Ability to filter content yet results are then displayed in jumbled format