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XE is without doubt one of the most all-encompassing currency converters on the market. Its simple and easy-to-use interface easily allows you to convert from whichever currency, using the live mid-market rates. By clicking on country flag, XE displays a profile of the currency, which includes the top exchange rates, facts on nicknames, banknotes, inflation and central bank, as well as a brief history of the currency.

Under Tools, you can discover currency charts, which show how one currency has changed against another over days, weeks, months and years. This is a useful feature for finding out when the best time to travel is based on past records, as well as what the most popular exchange rate is, potentially helping you decide on where is cheapest to travel at the current time. Under Tools you also have the option of installing an XE currency converter widget onto your website, for example if you are running a travel website and want to enhance the customer experience.

In terms of converting currency quickly, I found XE to be superb. Not only did it display results almost instantly, it lets you know the last time the rate was updated, in order to give you the very latest information.

One problem with the website is the constant adverts tempting you to sign up to their money transfer system, which includes both personal and business transfers. On nearly every page there was an advert asking if you’d like to sign up, offering the best rates and zero fees. This made the website feel slightly crowded and distracted from its principal function as a currency converter.

Nevertheless, the website also offers a mobile app and its fast loading of results makes it one of the best converters available.

  • Detailed information on range of different currencies
  • Charts to display how exchange rate between two currencies has changed over days, weeks, months and years
  • Quick to load results
  • Website is inundated with adverts promoting their money transfer function