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What is Hophs.com hotel booking?

I have had a bad case of wanderlust for about 20 years now. Ever since I took my first trip abroad (to the Bahamas) when I was a teenager, there was no looking back. I had found my purpose. I knew what I wanted to do with my life. From the second that I stepped foot out of the airport and into the heavy warmth of tropical air, I was hooked. From the beautiful beaches with their crystal blue water to the local eateries and culture, I fell in love.

This was just the beginning of a lifelong love affair with travel. As soon as I returned home from this first, life-changing trip, I got a job and began saving up every penny that I made. I was determined to see as much of the world as possible. One year after my initial vacation to the Bahamas, I saved up enough to buy a plane ticket and book a hotel in Costa Rica. That second trip was even more fun than the first (largely due to the fact that it was the first time that I’d traveled alone, without my parents dictating everything that I did).

I love going to a new location, learning more about different cultures, seeing the sights and the local treasures, and spending time in foreign wilds. I know that it is not exactly for everyone, but when I travel, I am an adventurer. I like to hike the nearby peaks, explore the backcountry wilderness, and just do everything that I can possibly do to fully experience the place I am visiting – not just the resorts and the luxuries available there, but the real and rougher landscapes as well.

Since those initial trips to the Bahamas with my family and then Costa Rica on my own, I have been around the entire world twice over. I have traveled to every continent and over 45 countries, and I have yet to even slightly grow tired of it. I still get every bit as excited when I touch down in a new place as I did that first time I flew. That hasn’t and likely never will change. What has changed, however, is that over time I felt like I wanted to use my travel experience to give back to the world in some tangible way.

That is why I started Travel Sites. I wanted to utilize my vast experience with booking flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, and otherwise navigating the frequently confusing (and often pricey) process of figuring out which are the best travel sites on the web. As it became clear that there were hundreds of travel sites out there, many of which all claiming to be the cheapest and the best in the world, I figured I would offer my 2 cents on the matter, reviewing each one and providing travelers with a convenient and pristinely organized place to browse every site that could ever be needed every step of the way of taking a vacation.

One of the most overcrowded and competitive spaces in the online travel industry is that of the hotel booking site. I am willing to bet that just off the top of your head you could probably list 4 or 5 of them, each of which claims to be the best at helping you find the cheapest hotel bookings near your destination. For a long time, I simply resorted to using the best-known hotel booking sites – like Hotel Tonight, Hotels.com, Expedia, or Agoda – just because I figured that brand recognition equated to quality services.

The truth of the matter is, however, much more nuanced. Just because one hotel booking site is more popular than another doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. For instance, the hotel booking site that I am thrilled to share with you today, Hophs.com is a newer metasearch engine for finding the cheapest hotel rooms all around the world, but it is every bit as good, in my opinion, as any of the oldest, most widely used hotel booking sites on the web. Don’t let the fact that you may not have heard of it before today get in the way of taking advantage of what could be the best hotel booking site that exists today!

But don’t just take my word for it … let’s dive into Hophs.com and take a look at everything it has to offer, so you can see concretely why I rely on it for all of my hotel bookings.


The first thing that impressed me about Hophs.com was its sleek, stripped-down site design and smooth, easy user interface. Everything on this site, from its actual search engine to its featured deals and suggested destinations, is clearly organized and easy on the eyes. Even if this was your first time using a hotel booking site, Hophs.com makes it so that you will immediately be able to find the cheapest hotel rooms with just the click of a couple buttons.

Aesthetically speaking, the site is colorful and clean, offering a sleek and modern look and feel. Just type in your destination, pick your dates and number of guests, and click search. From there, you will be redirected to the cheapest list of hotel rooms that Hophs is able to find on the web. Not only is this site user-friendly, clean, and intuitive, but it functions flawlessly as well. Few hotel booking sites that I have ever seen offer such quick load times.

Content and Features

Naturally, Hophs.com lets you book hotels. There is much more to this site, though. In addition to being able to quickly and conveniently browse and compare hotel rooms, you can also rely on Hophs for booking cheap flights and car rentals.

The only thing that threw me about this hotel booking site is the fact that it redirects you to other sites when you conduct your search. In other words, there doesn’t appear to be a native search and book function within the Hophs.com site itself. Frequently, Hophs sends users to a site called Hotel Look (an imprint of Jet Radar). If you are anything like me, this might not bother you all too much; however, I would like to see Hophs integrate their listings directly on their own site soon (as I’m sure is the plan).

 Mobile and Desktop Experience

 Some travelers may be disappointed to learn that Hophs does not currently have a mobile app either. Although it can definitely be a convenient bonus to be able to browse hotel listings from a streamlined, native mobile app, I wouldn’t call it a necessity by any means … especially when you factor in how well-optimized the Hophs.com mobile site is. Just direct your mobile browser to hophs.com and take advantage of its smooth and speedy interface on any mobile device.

 Pricings and Plans

 Another thing that I love about this hotel booking site is the fact that it comes with no hidden fees or surcharges. Don’t you hate when you use a hotel booking site, find the right stay for you, and then learn that you’re paying an extra $20 in booking charges? Few things annoy me more. With Hophs, though, you never have to worry about any surprise fees or unnecessary credit card charges, making it one of the few truly free hotel booking sites on the web.

 Suggestions that I have for Hophs

Really, my main suggestion is one that I have already touched upon: I don’t love being redirected to a third-party site when I search for hotels. I would prefer every component of booking my hotel to be streamlined on a single site. Of course, this could, as I said, be a result of how new the site is. Hopefully this will be remedied with time.

The other suggestion that I have for Hophs would be to develop and release a mobile app ASAP. If this site wants to become a serious competitor in the online hotel booking space, I think that having a mobile app will be a necessary step for them to take.

 What I Like about Hophs

 -User-friendly, intuitive interface

-Mobile friendly site

-Thousands of cheap hotel listings

 What I Dislike about Hophs

 -No app

-Uses a third-party search engine


All in all, I think that Hophs is definitely a hotel booking site worth keeping on your radar. As a newer site, there are a couple developments that are yet to be made, but as it is, Hophs is on the path to becoming one of the best hotel booking sites on the web.

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Mobile friendly site
  • Thousands of cheap hotel listings
  • No app
  • Uses a third-party search engine