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BonAppetour is a community marketplace that connects travellers with local home chefs for a unique food-orientated experience in multiple countries across the world.  The website offers everything from food tours to cooking classes to home dining, where you will be invited into the confines of a local person’s home to experience authentic tasting food.


The website functions much like the ‘Experiences’ feature of Airbnb, where hosts advertise their service, displaying a price and a star rating based on user reviews. There are a whole range of different options to choose from and a simple grid calendar to select the precise dates you wish to go. Once you’ve selected an experience, you will be taken to a more detailed profile where you can find out more about what it is you’re booking, including information on the menu, the location and the hosts themselves, as well as verified reviews and testimonials.


One of the features that caught my eye in particular was the option to buy a gift card that could be used on the website. The vouchers range from €10 to €500 and would make a unique present if you knew someone was travelling to one of the cities offered by the website.


One of the downsides to the website is the lack of filters when searching for results. You can only search by city and date, meaning that if you are after a particular type of cuisine, or are planning something with a group of people, you will have to scroll through results manually.


Another issue is like that on Airbnb, where hosts without reviews may not necessarily be reliable. As the experiences are not from established eateries, it is difficult to know if they food will be of good quality or the specifics of the location. However, all in all, a unique website that offers users the chance to do stray from the ordinary when travelling in a new city.

  • Unique experiences at good prices in a range of different cities
  • Verified reviews from former customers
  • Ability to purchase gift card as a present
  • Lack of filters when searching results
  • Hosts without reviews may not be reliable