Expedia Flights


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One of the problems with booking flights via metasearch websites is the sheer number of adverts and pop-ups that distract you from making a simple search, and Expedia is no different. Not only are results slow to load, but while they are loading a pop-up will appear letting you know how many people are looking at the same journey as you, information that is largely unnecessary.


However, if you are a frequent flier and want to collect air miles with a certain airline then Expedia is the place to go. When searching for flights you have the option to select a ‘Preferred airline’, meaning you can skip having to scroll through, and therefore quickly find the one that will collect you reward points from your favourite company. Once you have selected your flight preferences on the homepage you are also given plenty of further options for filters down the left hand column and a chance to sort by price.


I particularly like the ability that Expedia gives to be able to choose when you arrive in any given place. Lots of people prefer not to arrive by night to a city they don’t know well and by simply ticking boxes during daytime hours, you can guarantee that won’t be a problem.


Expedia certainly doesn’t have the slick, modern interface offered on other flight booking websites nor a reward scheme of its own, nevertheless their detailed information on baggage fees are a good addition when quickly deciding which airline to book with, while their email alerts notifying you of price changes in flights make the website a good choice for purchasing tickets.

  • Includes baggage fees
  • Fare alert emails to inform you of good prices
  • Shows prices for alternative dates
  • Limited selection of filters
  • Poor pricing options