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Apple Vacations is a full-service booking agency that aims to provide you with everything you need all in one place. Apple doesn’t just book hotels and local experiences, though. They can also help you find great air travel. They have options for air-inclusive vacations or the hotel-only packages as well. This is a bit unique from some other similar sites that only offer hotels and local experiences. That means you can book your entire trip through Apple without issue, and that encourages us greatly.


Another great thing about the packages that Apple offers is that you can get nonstop flights through them. In an effort to keep costs low, many travel websites opt to provide you with flights that go through the night or have long and frequent layovers. Apple Vacations is a lot more straightforward than that and doesn’t trap you into an inconvenient flight just to show you a lower price. They are able to deliver great deals and keep your travel comfortable at the same time.


We love this feature because we strongly believe that a vacation should be just that—a vacation. Vacations are incredibly valuable times whether you are an individual or a family. They help you to unwind and relax and long layovers take away from that time that you’re supposed to have. Who wants to go on a vacation and spend most of it in an airport? Not us!


Beyond what they offer in lights, Apple Vacations is also impressive when it comes to their hotel packages. They offer great value packages that enable you to get more for your money. You can take advantage of affordable package upgrades such as room upgrades, golf discounts, wedding rates, and more! The hotels that Apple Vacations advertises are great partners with Apple Vacations and are willing to provide Apple Vacation users with great rates.


Finally, Apple Vacations is a great website for those who don’t want to just be abandoned right after they book their travel. Apple Vacations cares about their users and is able to provide support representatives for their loyal guests. If any issues do arise, they have a pretty good reputation of being able to address it very quickly.

  • nonstop flights
  • impressive when it comes to their hotel packages