Yahoo Weather

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Like most search engines, like Google and Bing, Yahoo offers its own weather forecast feature that allows users to search across thousands of cities worldwide to find out whether they need to pack a raincoat or flip-flops for the trip ahead.


One problem that becomes immediately apparent when using Yahoo to get your weather info is the background that the website has. Although it changes each time you refresh the page, a few of them make the information difficult, if not impossible, to read due to the dark colours of both the writing and the image. Some of the backgrounds are blurred and make the page look confusing and over crowded, which seems an unnecessary feature to have.


That being said, the information that is visible is always very thorough and accurate. Details include temperature, feel like, humidity, visibility, UV index, wind pressure and precipitation percentage. An inclusion I find particularly useful is the ‘Sun & Moon’ section, which provides specific information on sunlight hours in each location, allowing you to catch that all important sunset photo when travelling. You can ‘Star’ locations so that they can be quickly accessed in the future.


Under the forecast are a list of weather-related news articles taken from a range of different websites, including AccuWeather, Reuters and Associated Press. Clicking on the article allows you to read it while remaining on the Yahoo website, while there is a comments section below where readers can start conversations by posting their thoughts, questions and feedback on the featured topic. This makes for a good place for discussion and to fill in any gaps that the article may have overlooked.

  • Accurate information with lots of details, including sunrise and sunset
  • Ability to ‘Star’ locations to view quickly in the future
  • Weather-related articles featured from a range of different websites
  • Comments section below each article
  • Background distracts from content and sometimes makes it difficult to read