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Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation mobile application that allows drivers to share real-time traffic and road information, helping people to save time and money on their daily commute. People can share details of accidents, police traps, road hazards and traffic jams to make getting around as stress-free and easy as possible. You can also enter trip details and find out the best routes and estimated arrival times to help plan journeys.


A great feature that sets Waze apart from other navigation apps, like Google Maps, is the dynamism of its recommendations for getting from A to B. It constantly readjusts its suggested routes based on where other drivers are getting held up, while at the same time alerting you of important information, such as road closures and speed traps. This helps you to feel reassured that you are always taking the most efficient route thanks to how quickly it reassesses particular routes.


Information on the price of gas at different stations is another fantastic addition to Waze’s platform, allowing drivers to choose the cheapest option and potentially save hundreds of dollars over time. There is also the ability to carpool with other users by selecting a driver and viewing a detailed profile, with photos, description and reviews, allowing you to share the cost of journeys and help save money. There are a range of filters to fine tune results, including same-sex or co-workers only.


An issue with Waze that can make it an awkward app to use, however, is the presence of adverts and the lack of a premium version to eradicate the ads. While using the app to track a journey, an advert banner will often appear across the screen, obscuring the map and forcing you to cancel it, which can be particularly dangerous if driving alone.

  • Free, dynamic app that constantly readjusts route suggestions
  • Provides up-to-date information based on community driven data
  • Price of gas at various gas stations helps save money
  • Carpool helps save money on commute by sharing price of journey
  • More useful for commuters than one-time travellers
  • Adverts are annoying and no option to pay for premium