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Camping has always been a great way for travellers to experience new locations by getting away from the luxury of a hotel and being at one with nature. Hipcamp is website offering a range of different camping options, including beach, lake and pet-friendly camping, as well as the increasingly popular choice of glamorous camping, or ‘glamping’. With more than 300,000 unique experiences available, Hipcamp has become one of the best places to book your perfect outdoor getaway.


The website is easy to use with the look and feel of Airbnb, including a similar ‘Instant Book’ feature to bring up tents that can be reserved immediately. There are a range of filters that can be added to fine tune results, such as amenities, activities, terrain, pricing and accessibility. I found the option to select options, like ‘wheelchair access’ and ‘pets allowed’, to be very helpful in quickly narrowing down search results to find the ideal campsite that caters to all your particular needs. You can also choose between Tent, Structures and RVs.


Once you have selected an option, you will be taken to a more detailed profile of the property, including high quality photos, description, amenities and rules. Under all the information is a reviews section where previous guests can leave their thoughts, feedback and photos of detailing their experience staying there. This is great in gaining a real sense of what each place is really like, as they come from an unbiased source.


A drawback to HipCamp is the limited selection of locations that are currently offered on the website. Camping is only available in a handful of different spots, all of which are based in the United States. As a relatively new concept, this is understandable and the website claims that they are preparing to launch in new locations worldwide.

  • 300,000 unique experiences to choose from
  • Easy to use interface
  • Good selection of filters
  • Non-biased reviews from former guests
  • Limited number of locations