Yahoo Lifestyle

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Yahoo Lifestyle Travel is a travel news website, featuring daily stories from around the world, with everything from angry flight passengers to the best hotels to stay in on a trip to Edinburgh.


The website is laid out in a story-by-story feed, displaying a small image, a headline and the first couple of lines of the article. There is also an indication of how many ‘reactions’ the story has had, which refers to comments left under each piece by readers.


For me, this is one of the best features of the website as it offers people the chance to leave their thoughts and feedback on the article, as well as reply, like and dislike comments. Often, halfway through an story, I will scroll to the bottom to see what people are saying about it and view the ‘Top Reactions’, meaning the ones with the most likes. This helps to give a general sense of how people feel about a certain topic and add ideas that the writer may have missed out.


Another good aspect of Yahoo Lifestyle is that after you have finished a story, the next piece blends in to the previous one, meaning you don’t have to go back to the homepage in order to read another article. This allows you to easily scroll through the stories and become quickly informed on the latest topics.


However, one issue I have encountered when using Yahoo Lifestyle for travel news is that although there are a range of different topics, the vast majority are focused on air travel. There aren’t as many inspiring travel ideas as there on other websites, with most of the stories recounting airport or flying issues. More variation would make the website more all-encompassing.

  • ‘Reactions’ section below each article lets people leave their feedback
  • Stories blend into each other through simple scroll down
  • Vast majority of stories are centred around air travel