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FlyerTalk is a free online forum for discussion of airline frequent flyer programmes, hotel loyalty schemes, and other topics related to air travel. Founded in 1998, the website offers a platform for its thousands of users to pose questions, leave comments and gain useful insight into a range of issues generally not covered by other more broad travel forums.


One of my favourite aspects of the FlyTalk forum is the ‘Trending Threads’ section. Here, you will find 25 recent posts that have gained the most views and replies, often posing interesting and relevant topics. By clicking the star, you can save posts for later, for example, if you spot a post that may come in useful later on down the line.


Another great feature of the site is the ability to ‘like’ comments, much like you can on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This adds a more communal element to FlyerTalk and something that I frequently feel is missing on other travel-related forums. It also helps other people to quickly discover what may be the best advice, as they can see the comment that has the most likes. Not only does this help less helpful responses go more under the radar, it allows people to show their appreciation for sound tips and advice.


One drawback I came across when searching for air travel information using FlyerTalk was the fact that you cannot sort results once you have searched for a topic. The ability to sort by newest posts or ‘most relevant’, for example, would undoubtedly make the forum a more comprehensive resource for gaining insightful information on flying,

  • Air travel specific forum
  • Search topics by ‘Trending Threads’
  • Ability to ‘like’ comments
  • Cannot sort results after searching