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Earthpix is an Instagram account that curates inspiring, stunning and often comical travel-related photographs from users who tag the account in their uploads or who have given them permission to use their content, as well as uploading some of their own original material. Featured locations come from all around the world, be it a small town in Scotland or an urban shot in Beijing.


Each photo is high quality, usually taken with a professional camera, with a short description of where the photo was taken underneath. The account has uploaded more than 5,000 posts since it first launched, and currently has just over 14 million followers.


One of my favourite aspects of Earthpix is the range of content that they upload. While some travel-based Instagram accounts either have a theme or focus solely on landscapes, Earthpix incorporates animals, wildlife, architecture, activities and transport into its posts. For example, after one photo of a lion and a video of rhinos running, the account uploaded a video of a 6,000 square foot luxury underwater villa based in the Maldives. This variety of different themes and locations keeps the page interesting and dynamic.


Another great feature of Earthpix is the colourfulness of their posts. Where some accounts tend to mix between colour and black and white photography, Earthpix has a big emphasis on pictures filled with bright colour and usually sunset light. Although I enjoy and acknowledge that some pictures look good in black and white, Earthpix is always a good Instagram account to resort to if you are searching for inspiring, vibrant photos.


One issue that Earthpix has been accused of in the past, however, is ignoring copyright laws and failing to credit photographers after using their photos. Although now 90% of their content is licensed, there is still a small chance that this could happen.

  • Wide variety of travel-based content
  • Colourful, vibrant posts
  • Do not credit all photographers