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When it comes time to book a flight for your next big trip, how do you decide on what site to use? With so many cheap flight sites out there to choose from, what is it that you look for? No travel site necessarily has the best of everything, but some sites come much closer than others in meeting all the most crucial criteria.

For me, the number one thing that I look for in a cheap flight site is, well, the ability to actually find the cheapest flights available. As somebody who has developed something of an addiction to travel over the years, I know firsthand just how difficult it can be to find cheap flights. Not only does the price of airfare vary greatly from one flight booking site to the next, but the price of plane tickets depends on so many factors that they are extremely volatile from one minute to the next.

I have seen prices drop and raise to the order of hundreds of dollars several times in the span of only 10 or 20 minutes. Sometimes it can feel as if you have to spend every waking moment in front of your computer, credit card at the ready, if you want to get the best deal on flights, especially when it comes to international travel.

Travel should not be a stressful or unnecessarily expensive endeavor, though. The whole point of taking a vacation in the first place is so that you are able to take a break from the stresses and worries of your everyday life. In my opinion, no part of this process – not the planning, the booking, or the trip itself. With the best cheap flight sites on your side, booking a flight can be easy, affordable, and even enjoyable.

How do you know when you have found one of the best cheap flight sites, though? As I said, they all claim to be the best (it would be pretty foolish not to). How can you actually discern the best from all the rest? Well, there are a few general categories that I always look for when I am evaluating a flight booking site.

First, I look at a site’s design. Ideally, a flight booking site will offer user-friendly and intuitive site design that makes it as easy as it should be to find, compare, and search flights to your desired destination. The best flight booking sites let you fully customize your search, too, offering plenty of filters and arrangement options, drawing from hundreds of sources. Believe it or not, this can all be done with minimal clutter and confusion – this is what I look for in the design of the best travel sites.

Similarly, the best cheap flight sites will have a complimentary mobile app to go along with their intuitive and user-friendly desktop site design. This app should be available on all iOS and Android devices and be completely streamlined with the site itself. If a travel site does not have a mobile app, however, I am sometimes willing to turn a blind eye so long as the website is optimized well enough for mobile devices. At the end of the day, this is about mobile-friendliness. If I don’t have to download an app to be granted a great mobile experience from a flight booking site, that is, ultimately, fine by me.

Then we come to features, perks, fees, and customer support. The best flight booking sites have generous and realistic cancellation policies and 24/7 helpful customer support lines. This also means zero hidden fees or service charges sprung on users at checkout. Airfare is already expensive enough as it is. In my opinion if a flight booking site charges you anything whatsoever for their services, it defeats the purpose of using a cheap flight site to begin with. Travel sites should always be free to use, no exceptions.

This brings us to one of the best cheap flight sites on the web, Hophs.com. One of the standout features of this site is the fact that you will never have to worry about hidden fees or service charges. Hophs has helped thousands of travelers just like you find the cheapest flights all around the world without paying a cent more than the cost of the plane ticket itself. That is the way that it should be, and Hophs knows this well.

Although Hophs.com is one of the newer travel sites on the web, it is definitely one that belongs on your radar. It may be new, but it is far from unexperienced in delivering cheap flights and more to travelers. As of the time of this writing, Hophs has sold more than 18,213 plane tickets to 16,823 happy travelers and booked 15,167+ hotel rooms in 172 countries. This site may be young, but it is quickly rising up through the ranks of the best travel sites.

Hophs is a great choice when it comes to finding cheap flights, sure, but that is not all that the site has to offer. In addition to booking flights from and to just about anywhere in the world, Hophs also enables users to book hotel rooms, rent cars, order taxis, and book tours and activities. It is a one stop shop for all of your travel booking needs.


Hophs.com offers a clean and minimalistic site design. It employs many bright splashes of color amid a great deal of white space that gives it a modern and alluring look. The site has figured out how to perfectly balance the professional look of a trusted flight booking site with the fun and bright look that can make Hophs stand out alongside the other travel sites out there.

Site design, however, is not all about aesthetics. Functionality is equally (if not more) important to consider when critiquing a site’s design and build. How quickly do pages load? How intuitive is the search function and interface? In the case of Hophs.com, pages load at lightning-fast speeds and finding the cheapest flights on the internet is as easy as imputing your origin, destination, number of tickets, and travel dates. It is really that easy.

Content and Features

As I touched upon earlier, cheap flights are not all that Hophs.com has to offer. Users of this site can also look forward to the ability to rent cars; book hotel rooms; as well as find and reserve activities, show tickets, and tours. No matter how far along you are in your vacation planning, Hophs.com will be able to help you out.

Another somewhat rare (but incredibly useful) feature offered by Hophs is its flight compensation program. If your flight has been canceled, you were denied boarding, or you missed your connection, Hophs has a simple and easy way to claim up to €600 per passenger via Compensair. Unfortunately, not a lot of cheap flight sites have such a thorough and helpful way to claim compensation in the event of a missed or canceled flight. This feature alone should be enough to convince you that Hophs is, indeed, one of the best flight booking sites available today.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, Hophs.com does not yet have a mobile app on either iOS or Android devices. This might be a dealbreaker for you, but I hope not (because you’ll be missing out on a great cheap flight site if so). Perhaps it will ease your worries to learn that, although Hophs does not have a dedicated mobile app, the site is perfectly optimized for mobile devices, resulting in an equally intuitive, fast, and smooth interface as you get on the desktop site.

I am hoping, however, that Hoph’s lack of an app is only a result of how new the site is. If I had to guess, I would assume that there is an app in the works (if it is not already developed).

Suggestions that I have for Hophs

Naturally, no travel site is perfect. Hophs.com is no exception to this rule. For a relatively new site, however, Hophs has quickly become an exceptional cheap flight site in almost no time at all. Going forward, though, I would love to see Hophs release an app. I would also like to see this site further develop its own infrastructure (it currently depends heavily on Jet Radar).

 What I Like about Hophs

 -Great site design

-Mobile friendly

-Thousands of cheap flight listings

What I Dislike about Hophs

 -No app

-Relies heavily on third-party sites

  • Great site design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Thousands of cheap flight listings
  • No app
  • Relies heavily on third-party sites