2 Voted has a funny name, that much is immediately obvious. But even weeks after discovering this website, I remembered its name and overall practicality for booking vacation arrangements. UK travelers will especially find this website to be a sweet treat, much like its popsicle-inspired name.


I’m always in favor of a little extra insurance on my travel, especially if it comes at no extra cost. provides just that, with ATOL protection on each and every booking made through their platform. As such, I would definitely make this a top pick for my annual vacations if I lived in the UK.


Key Features


Optimized for UK travelers


In many important regards, has been optimized to accommodate the needs and interests of UK travelers. Familiar terminology makes this website a breeze to navigate, especially when it comes time to check out (without currency conversion, mind you). offers trips to many of the UK’s favorites, including Bermuda, Amsterdam, and Berlin. They’re even giving out special Brexit deals right now in order to take advantage of the still-affordable travel to continental Europe.


ATOL Protection on all Bookings


Prior to visiting, I wasn’t fully familiar with ATOL protections. But now, I would hardly consider traveling out of the UK without its added assurance against financial lose. In case there’s any instability abroad, this protection from the UK government assures that I’ll be able to get home safely, regardless of the travel company’s financial standing.


Noteworthy Weaknesses


Unusual Marketing Methods


After using for the first time, I was surprised at how many follow up marketing emails they sent along. This volume only continues to increase, making their emails more spam then useful marketing at this point. I can’t really endorse this kind of pesky marketing method.

  • ATOL protection on all bookings
  • Optimized for UK travelers’ interests and needs
  • Special offers in advance of Brexit
  • Not useful for US-based travelers
  • Marketing teams sends lots and lots of emails