4 Voted is a cruise comparison website displaying offers on trips from a whole host of different companies, such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Disney. As well as being able to search cruises by destination, there is also the option of searching by deals and speciality cruises, be it a culinary cruise or a honeymoon cruise.


After picking your preferences, either using the simple or advanced search, you will be shown a list of different options offered by various cruise companies. You can then sort these by price, departure date, or cruise length, view the costs for different room types and also see Bonus Offers included on the trip to help you make a decision.


One of the most useful features here is the ability to easily compare cruise deals by ticking the ‘Compare’ box that sets two or more deals side by side for a quick assessment. You can effortlessly view the discrepancy in prices, length of cruise, trip itinerary and even ship details, such as crew size and total capacity to assist in finding the greatest offer.


Once you have selected your cruise, you can find out more detailed information about the trip before easily making the booking directly through the website. This makes for a less stressful experience when making the booking as it can all be easily done in one place without being taken through to third-party websites.


One of the downsides of the website, however, is the lack of a rewards program. Although you can still benefit from a specific cruise line’s loyalty scheme, does not have its own one that can be combined with the specific cruise line. Therefore, for a one-off booking the website is perfect as it compares prices across a range of different companies, yet if you plan on making a few cruise trips then it would be better to book directly through the company website to find out about the loyalty programs.

  • Compares fares across a range of different cruise lines
  • Effortlessly view deals side-by-side in easy to view mode
  • Can book cruises directly through the website
  • Does not offer own rewards program that can be combined with cruise line’s