Budget Your Trip


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Knowing precisely how much you will need to go travelling to a particular destination can be tough. People may be able to give you a rough estimate, but can they really tell you everything from the price of a coffee to the cost of a room in a hotel to an accurate degree? That’s where Budget Your Trip comes in. You can view average costs across thousands of cities worldwide, helping you to plan your trip and track expenses so you don’t go over budget.


You can choose between entire countries or individual cities to get an overview of costs across a range of various items, such as average price of a bottle of water, entrance to a show, metro ticket, and breakfast for two. I particularly like the ability to choose between travel style – budget, mid-range or luxury – as you do not need to know, for example, the average price of a boutique hotel if you are planning a backpacking trip.


Down the right hand side of the page are travel tips from users containing useful information like renting a room in an apartment and buying a travel pass. There is also detailed information on sightseeing, neighbourhoods, food & dining and transportation underneath the average prices.


I also found their blog, which is full of helpful articles containing an abundance of information on how to track and manage your budget when travelling, to be a great feature of the website. Posts incorporate a range of destinations, from Mallorca to Cuba, as well as general tips for budget-conscious travellers. Unfortunately there is no option to leave comments or questions under the posts, which would be a great addition to the website.

  • Find out average costs depending on traveller type
  • Travel tips and advice on countries and cities
  • Blog features range of articles on budgeting during your travels
  • No option to leave comments or questions under articles