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Flights are booked, accommodation sorted, tours have been paid for, what’s next? Car rental is often a forgotten, yet vital, aspect of any traveler’s plans, particularly in those locations that do not have the public transport available in major cities and towns. If you plan to go to the mountains, yet it’s the middle of winter and the regular bus service has ceased running until spring, you will need a car. Got a trip to Mallorca coming up yet you haven’t considered the fact that not all the little coves are accessible by public transport, you will need a car. There are numerous occasions in which you will require a car when travelling abroad, therefore we have created a list of the top ten car rental sites so you can decide precisely which company to go with.


In reviewing each site, we considered a variety of factors that we believed to be most important when it came to finding and booking a car rental, be it on the other side of the world or just round the corner. Our list caters to a diverse range of budgets and includes traditional, well-renowned companies like Enterprise and Hertz, as well as more unique choices, such as Turo. With just seven of the best selected, it means that travellers will be able to save time usually spent scrolling through multiple websites trying to find the best one, while they can also feel safe in the fact that each one has been individually tested to ensure authenticity and reliability. Each review is divided into a few paragraphs outlining unique features, what is does well, not so well, while the pros and cons of each one are listed in an easy-to-read set of bullet points below each piece.


One of the first factors that was considered when reviewing each website was the most obvious, yet underrated aspects of any online platform: user interface and functionality. No matter how many countries a company operates in nor how many fantastic vehicles it offers at reasonable prices, a website that is not user-friendly, modern in design and simple to navigate is not a good place to find car rentals. Overcrowded homepages, pop-up adverts and slow loading were thought of as being particularly negative, while those with a clean, simple aesthetic that did not require wading through tonnes of information to complete easy tasks were deemed as superior sites. Sorting out all your plans for a trip can be a stressful business, therefore any website that makes the process simpler is sure to rank higher on the list.


Another equally important feature that was taken into account when reviewing the websites was the presence of search filters and ‘Sort By’ options. Naturally, when it comes to finding the perfect vehicle for your trip, a number of different variables have to be considered, from as simple as number of passengers to more specific items, such as fuel and cancellation policies. The ability to quickly narrow these parameters down so that they match customers’ specific requirements is, therefore, a useful feature to have included, saving time in scrolling through cars that you have no intention of renting. ‘Sort By’ options, meanwhile, work in a similar way to filters, however as the name suggests, they sort the results once users have added the appropriate filters, so that they can view vehicles in ascending order. For example, if you are on a budget, you may wish to view cars in ascending order based on price, while if you were more concerned with convenience over price, you would opt to sort options by distance.


Also factored into the each review was whether the site included a rewards program or not. These are programs offered by companies that provide repeat customers with benefits that range from money off bookings to free add-ons, like SatNav or an an additional driver. Often collected in the form of credits, they are particularly useful for frequent travellers, such as those who go on businessAlthough they are quite clearly offered by companies as a money-making scheme, there are no drawbacks to the customers themselves, who in most cases are getting something for nothing without having to pay membership subscription fees to qualify. Enterprise Plus and Hertz Gold are two examples of such schemes, which, as well as exclusive add-ons, also provide on-the-go booking, meaning customers can reserve their vehicle and drive off without having to queue up and go through the long winded process of filling in all the paperwork. That being said, other companies that offer similar programs make it very difficult for users to claim rewards by setting the benchmark exceedingly high. Rental car company Avis have a scheme known as Avis Preferred that does not allow customers to experience its benefits until they have gained as many as 700 points, with each dollar spent the equivalent of one point. This is an important factor to bear in mind when assessing car rental companies, as if you are not a frequent traveller, you may wish to opt for a service that requires lower expenditure to take advantage of the free benefits.


Although Enterprise, Hertz and Avis are all well-known car hire companies, an aspect that was considered when reviewing the various websites was their individuality in comparison to similar platforms. While most of the websites had more or less the same features – different sized vehicles, optional add-ons, rewards schemes, compatible smartphone apps – it is often the unique features that really set them apart. These unique features usually present customers with a different way of either booking cars or offering their own vehicles for rental, making not only the process more interesting, but frequently more beneficial.


Turo, for example, allows users to find and reserve cars from individual car owners via a platform set out much in the same way as Airbnb. You can read reviews from previous renters, view photos and even contact owners directly to find out more about the car you’ll be hiring. Sixt, meanwhile, have in place a ‘Lucky Dip’ that gives customers the chance to take a risk on a car and potentially get a full size saloon for a fraction of the cost. Although it can also mean getting a lower quality vehicle, it’s the ideal choice for those who are not too fussy about what they drive and don’t mind taking a bit of a gamble. Both of these are examples of unique attributes offered by car rental services that ultimately add to the whole experience of booking a vehicle, and were therefore factored in when examining the various platforms.


The final factor that was considered, yet by no means the least important, was pricing. When it comes to comparing the cost of renting a vehicle across various car hire companies, there are a considerable number of variables to examine. This can be anything from the difference between daily and weekly cost, to the extra expense that an additional driver will bring. Some companies that seemed cheaper for the basic package (a four-seater car with fuel), ended up being far more expensive when components such as GPS or roadside protection were added in. It is, therefore, important to fully understand what you will be getting included in the final price, rather than jumping at the seemingly cheapest option, which may result in being more costly down the line. This fact was taken into account when looking at the various car rental companies to determine which one offered the best value for money, frequently the most significant point for travelers, particularly those on tight budgets.

Overall, this list featuring the top ten car hire platforms provides an essential tool for even the most simple of travelers. Numerous locations around the world are difficult, if not impossible, to reach without the use of a car, and hence it is vital to know which company to opt for when on the go. We’ve considered a wide variety of factors mentioned above to present the definitive list combing good value, unique qualities, good customer service and high quality vehicles.

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