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Accommodation is quite clearly an essential aspect of any travel plans and therefore knowing how to separate the best places from the worst is key tool for any backpacker or traveller. Whether booking a hotel, hostel or apartment, it can be difficult to sort through every single option, find out what the place is really like from the people who have been there, and make a reservation that you know will guarantee you a bed for the night. That, therefore, is why our list of the top sites for booking accommodation is so important to have, providing you with a detailed breakdown of each one so that you know exactly how to find the best deals available.


On our list of ‘Top Accommodation Sites’ you will find the top websites for booking a room, be it in Cape Town or Kathmandu. Each was reviewed by considering a variety of different factors, as well as picking out the best and worst features of the website as a whole. One of the first, and most significant, factors to be considered was interface and general usability. When it comes to browsing on any website, a simple and easy-to-use platform is vital, particularly when you are trying to do several things at once. There is nothing worse than a webpage that has continuous advertising banners popping up in front of you or a confusing aesthetic that makes completing simple tasks suddenly infinitely complicated, no matter how good the offers they have are. For that reason, all the websites had their interfaces considered to ensure that we were providing people with not only the websites offering the best deals, but those that look and feel good as you use them.


The next most important aspect that was considered when compiling the list was search filters and ‘Sort By’ options. Even the most simple reservation platforms allow users the option to add destination, arrival dates, departure dates, and number of guests. However, what we found when reviewing the websites was that a wider selection of search filters that allowed customers to narrow down which offers they saw by adding specific preferences made for a far better website than one that only included the basics. Although principally a time saving device –as scrolling through hundreds of different hotels and hostels to find one that meets all your requirements is clearly quite time consuming – it also means that you can be very particular when making a search, adding items such as swimming pool, balcony, breakfast, and disabled access. In addition, a broad choice of filters generally indicates that the website has attained a good knowledge of each property and its amenities.


Similar to search filters, ‘Sort By’ options were also analysed to determine how well a website functioned in terms of speed and simplicity. Often an overlooked feature, yet one that can prove enormously useful when looking for accommodation, ‘sort by’ options usually include groups such as price, distance from city centre, and review score. By selecting one of these, you will be shown the lowest or highest of each category, allowing you to quickly browse through a list of options ordered to ascend in a way you have chosen. This becomes particularly helpful, for example, when budget-conscious travelers are simply after the cheapest option, or business travelers want the accommodation closest to the town centre, regardless of price.


Another important feature that was considered was loyalty programs offered by the website, meaning schemes that reward loyal customers for repeatedly using the service to find and book accommodation. A good loyalty program not only attracts people in the first place, it keeps them coming back as they can claim various benefits at not additional cost by simply continuing to make reservations via the same website. This appeals more to frequent travelers, such as those who regularly stay in hotels for work, than one-time backpackers, however it is undoubtedly an important aspect of any booking service, whether it is for hotels and apartments, or flights and cruises. People like to feel as though companies are appreciating their custom, and a rewards program is a great way of doing this. After determining whether the website had a loyalty program in place or not, it was then a case of finding out precisely what the benefits were and how long it took to gain them, as there is no point in praising a company for its rewards scheme if it will take customers five years of continuous booking to earn anything back.


When it comes to booking accommodation, finding the best price is evidently an imperative for many people. That’s why we also considered whether websites offered a price match guarantee meaning if, after making a booking, customers found a better price on the hotel elsewhere, then the website will match it right up until the day before check in. Although it can often mean saving just a few extra dollars, it can quite quickly add up over time and allows users to feel as though they are getting the best deal without having to worry about getting ripped off. Also considered in a similar vein to the price match guarantee was the presence of an email notifications service, which alerts users when there is a change in the cost of a room they are looking at. Websites that did not include this feature were marked down, while those that did not compare prices across a range of different sources were also noted for a lack of transparency.


As well as a price match guarantee, another unique feature that was contemplated was the secret hotel exclusive deals that a number of the sites offered. With this, users can book hotels at discounted prices in specific locations, serving all the preferences they want, however the only catch is that they will not know the name of the hotel until after the booking has been made. The reason hotels offer this to booking websites is that they want to fill their unused rooms yet do not want customers to hang around waiting for a price drop on the official website before making a booking. Therefore, they hide the name and allow guests to find five-star hotels at three-star prices, something that clearly benefits both users and hotels. Websites that offered this included Priceline, and Hotwire.


Finally, the final booking confirmation itself was reviewed, in particular, whether customers were able to make the purchase directly through the website or whether they had to go through to a third-party site to complete the reservation. It is evidently much simpler when given the option to do everything in one place without having to manage multiple tabs and navigate across a range of different websites, therefore this factor, which comes at the final stage of the accommodation booking process, was considered across all the websites.


Overall, the list is compiled of undoubtedly the best accommodation booking websites available on the internet. Not only does it allow travelers to quickly handpick the right website for them, it takes a unbiased stance, considering all the most important factors of each one and laying them out in an easy-to-view format. As mentioned, websites were ranked by considering a combination of different factors, including user interface, filter and sort by options, availability of a loyalty program, price match guarantee, secret hotel offers and whether accommodation could be booked directly via the website itself. Accommodation is often the first thing that travelers look for when planning a trip and it can come to form an important determining factor in whether they decide to travel to a particular location or not. Therefore, this list providing the very best places to not only book, but find out extensive details of the very best hotels, hostels and apartments, is a great tool for anyone either preparing for a trip months in advance or for those looking for quick, last minute lodging while on the go.

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