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RemoteOk is a platform used by employers to post jobs and find freelancers online, using the website’s large network of members. Freelancers can effortlessly search for jobs by clicking on one of the various categories, be it in software development, customer support, marketing, copywriting or translation. They are also able to sign up to a daily or weekly newsletter in order to receive the latest job offers they’re interested in, sent straight to their inbox.


The website is very simple to use, and by simply clicking on a category it will add it to your filters in order to narrow down results. Each job post comes with a number of relevant tags, and you can easily add these to help make browsing quicker and more personalised to your preferences.


A good aspect of the website for me is the detailed description attached to each job proposal. Under different subcategories, the company lists its goals, responsibilities and opportunities for the freelancer, as well is what type of experience is required for the role. This gives freelancers a good idea of what to expect from a job so that there are no surprises further down the line. Applying can come in a variety of forms, from filling out a Google Document to being linked directly to the company’s website.


One issue I encountered while using RemoteOk was that the wage is not listed when applying for a job. This makes it difficult to know whether it is worth going for a position, as the payment may not always match your expectations. Although being linked to the company website may contain even more detailed information, the inclusion of the salary would help to quickly sort through results.

  • Add tags to sort results
  • Detailed job description on each posting
  • Free to sign up
  • Wage not listed