48 Hour Adventure


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48 Hour Adventure is a blog dedicated to short term travel for time-strapped people who want to explore areas nearby, whether its for a weekend or a few days here and there. As the name suggests, the website gives a brief rundown of a city that the writers have visited first hand, with recommendations of how to make the most of a two-day trip there.


Each guide is free to access, featuring a range of photos from the trip, where to visit, what to eat, how much to budget and a brief conclusion of the city. Although the photos are not high quality, they provide a good sense of what to expect from the location, all of them being taken first hand rather than plucked from Google.


As well as the guides, the website also contains sections on the best travel gear, tips and resources, including advice on booking flights, trains and accommodation.


However, one of the problems with the website is that it only reflects the trip that was taken by the writers, and therefore cannot account for travelling there at different times of the year. This differs from other guides that are often provided by people who have lived in the place, meaning they can advise what to do depending on when you travel and what your preferences are.


Another issue is that within the guides, there is no quick way of accessing each category. This means that if, for example, you were looking to find out where to go for food and drink, you would have to scroll through all the entire guide to get to that particular section.


Nevertheless, overall 48 Hour Adventure gives a good overview of each city and may present some ideas that had not occurred to you before.

  • Presents everything to do in a city in an easy-to-read, free 48 hour pack
  • Range of photos taken from trip to give sense of what the place is like
  • Other sections include advice on travel gear, tips and resources
  • Not written by experts of each city but rather just based on their experience there during a 48-hour period
  • Guides are slow to navigate