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What is Hoophs.com Car Rental?

What is your favorite part of traveling? Is it experiencing different cultures and schmoozing with the locals? Maybe trying new food and partying it up with the nightlife scene? Do you like to check out new museums and see all of the tourist attractions? Maybe you’re more of an adventurer like me and you love hiking, skiing, and exploring foreign lands.

We all travel in different ways with varying motivations and things that get us revved up. I would be willing to put money on the fact that nobody reading this thought to themselves, ‘renting a car is my favorite thing to do when I travel.’ It may not be the most thrilling aspect of taking a vacation, but it is an essential one. Besides, without a car, how are you going to get around to the various sightseeing attractions, mountains, bars, and restaurants?

You could rely entirely on taxis and Ubers, sure, that is one option. However, I would go out on a limb and say that this wouldn’t be the most cost-effective way to explore a new place. Especially if you are a fellow adventurer. Many of the destinations that we have in mind tend to be pretty remote. Good luck finding an Uber to and from the Andes without breaking the bank!

So, the most logical thing to do for many vacations is to simply rent a car. Although this is not the most exciting part of planning your trip (I would argue that both booking flights and hotel rooms are infinitely more exciting … being able to see your room and plane ticket give the vacation planning process a sort of concrete and official feel; gives you something to look forward to). There is more of a detachment, I think, when it comes to renting a car. However, that doesn’t mean that the process can’t still be enjoyable!

There are far more car rental sites on the web than I care to count. Each one has its own inherent strengths and weaknesses, sure, but some are just objectively better than others. What, then, are we looking for when we search for the best car rental site that we can find? Well, there are, it turns out, a few attributes shared by all of the best car rental sites, whether you go with a classic like Hertz or a newcomer like the site that we will be looking at today, Hophs.com.

First and foremost, there are the fine print details. The most important one of these, of course, is price. Some car rental sites are much better at finding you the best deals available for your car rental. At the end of the day, travel can be extremely expensive. Every discount that can be found is always encouraged.Then, though, there are plenty of backend concerns that might not immediately jump out to you. For instance, does your car rental site of choice offer affordable and comprehensive collision protection in case of an accident (have mercy on the soul of anybody who gets involved in an accident in a rental car!). Also, what sort of cancellation policy does your car rental site of choice offer? There are some that issue full refunds should you be forced to cancel your trip or no longer need your car; others hit you with cancellation fees and pesky hoops to jump through. The best car rental sites, in my opinion, are the ones that are flexible, affordable, and understanding.

This is where customer support comes into the mix. If a car rental site has a 24/7 help line of some sort (be it via text or phone call), this is a very good sign. No matter what kind of travel site you are evaluating, you should always take customer support into account, as so many issues could arise between now and when you depart. You want a car rental site that won’t leave you in the dark for a single moment.

So, where does Hophs.com fall on the spectrum from the worst to the best car rental sites on the web? It is true that Hophs.com is no Hertz in terms of brand recognition. In fact, there is a good chance that you have never even heard of Hophs.com before today. This is because it is a newer site. This certainly shouldn’t be a reason to write this site off (not by any means!). Bigger brands don’t always equate to better service, remember.

Hophs.com, nevertheless, has quickly risen through the ranks of the best travel sites, which is why they were able to land on my radar so soon after launching. Even though the site is just a few years old, it has already managed to facilitate thousands of car rentals, flights, and hotel bookings for travelers all over the world. To be exact, Hophs.com has sold over 18,213 plane tickets, booked 25,167+ hotel rooms, and catered to 16,823 travelers from 172 different countries.

Hopefully these numbers give you the confidence necessary to consider renting your next car with Hophs.com. I think that this is a great travel site that deserves to be on everybody’s radar. But is it the best car rental site for you? Well, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the site itself, shall we?


What I love about Hophs.com’s design is how clean, neat, and organized it is. Furthermore, it offers a bright, roomy, and modern look. This is achieved through clever use of white space that is occasionally broken up by splashes of vibrant colors here and there, resulting in a site that is equal parts professional and fun (a tough balance to strike!) Hophs is a car rental site that will definitely be able to differentiate itself from the others; it has figured out how to stand out from the crowd.

Putting the site’s visually pleasing nature aside for a moment, though, I would like to also point out that Hophs is every bit as functionally sound as well. This site redirects travelers to easy to navigate search results, making the process of renting a car as simple as can be. Not only that, the highly specific filtering and arranging options make sure that you won’t just be able to rent a car, you’ll be able to rent the perfect car for the unique needs of your trip.

Content and Features

So, as I briefly touched upon earlier, Hophs is not just a car rental site. In addition to car rentals, this site specializes in booking hotel rooms, buying plane tickets, and reserving tours and activities. Pretty much any step in the process of making your dream vacation a reality can be taken care of here.

I was a little surprised to see, however, that when you actually conduct your search on Hophs.com, filling in your pick-up and drop-off dates and locations actually redirects you to an affiliated car rental site, Discover Cars. This is probably due to the newness of the site (perhaps they are still working out the in-site search engine. Nevertheless, Discover Cars is also one of the best car rental sites out there, so, it is no big deal at the end of the day.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

My other main criticism of this car rental site is the fact that, unfortunately, it does not yet have an app (at least not as of the time of this writing). Given how the site is quickly increasing in popularity, though, I wouldn’t be shocked if they have an app in development as I type these words. There is a chance that by the time I publish this review, even, the Hophs app could be up and ready to download on the app store. For the time being, though, we’ll have to get by with the mobile site.

Luckily, the mobile site is very well designed. It offers an extremely mobile-friendly user experience with a smooth and sensible interface and everything that I love about the desktop site. It may not be quite as convenient as an app, but I can still rent cars on my mobile device, and that’s what is important.

What I Like about Hophs

-User-friendly, intuitive site design

-Mobile-friendly site

-Affordable car rentals, straightforward policies

 What I Dislike about Hophs

-No app

-Redirects to a third-party car rental site


 Hophs.com is going to be the travel site to keep an eye on in the months and years to come. If you have a trip planned anytime soon, this car rental site is definitely one to check out. Oh, and do be careful out there if you are traveling anytime soon! Cheers, and I hope you enjoy one of my favorite car rental sites, Hophs.com!

  • User-friendly, intuitive site design
  • Mobile friendly site
  • Affordable car rentals, straightforward policies
  • No app
  • Redirects to a third-party car rental site