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What is The Planet D?

Listed as one of the top ten travel blogs on Forbes, The Planet D is an adventure travel blog started by founders and husband and wife duo Dave and Deb. Their story is similar to those of many with thriving travel blogs; the couple left their jobs over twelve years ago, sold everything they owned, and decided to live the rest of their lives going on a never-ending adventure.

The travel blog was founded in 2007 and has since then become an award-winning website that helps others live and travel the same way Dave and Deb do. They’ve been recognized as top travel influencers and their blog is aimed toward helping others travel more. The couple believes that “travel is for everyone” and has articles, experiences, and resources that enable anyone to travel the world, even if they’re not athletic or rich. It’s filled with information and tips that have been tried and tested during their own travels, which spans over 115 countries in all seven continents. This has made their travel blog a leading source of travel tips, city guides, inspiring stories, and so much more.

In addition to Forbes, The Planet D has been featured on BBC, National Geographic, and CNN among other networks. This review will take an in-depth look at what makes The Planet D stand out, the pros and cons of utilizing the travel blog, and how you can make the most of what the website offers.


How can you use The Planet D website?

Dave and Deb have managed to find a way to make a living out of their passion for travel and you can use The Planet D website to do the same – while also finding information and resources on where to travel, what to expect, and tips and tricks that will make it easier for you.

Their experiences engage with over 600,000 people on social media, and they have over a million active monthly users on their blog – so how can you use The Planet D website for you?

  • Find travel destinations that are suitable for you, no matter if it’s popular tourist attractions in the USA or exotic unknown regions in the middle of Botswana.
  • Use travel guides to pick things to do in each country, plan a travel budget, find transportation and accommodation, and even figure out what to pack.
  • Learn from their experiences, whether it be on what to do (or not do) while on a safari in Africa or finding the best viewpoints while going on the ultimate Big Sur road trip.
  • Make use of their detailed sample itineraries from popular cities around the world. All the work is done for you so that travel is made easy, and you can make the most of your time abroad.
  • Save money, pack accordingly, and have the best possible time by learning from their experiences and making the most of their travel tips.
  • Find resources such as ways to book accommodation, find cheap flights, getting around abroad (good luck finding an Uber in a village in Sri Lanka), buying the best travel gear, and so much more.

What will you find on the The Planet D website? How easy is it to use The Planet D website?

The Planet D website is extremely easy to navigate. The homepage has the navigation bar at the very top where you can easily access their blog, destinations, experiences, itineraries, nomadic living, and travel tips, which has a drop down for the best travel tips, travel resources, and budget travel tips. The homepage also has a search bar where you can search top destinations or travel related topics for quick access to find what you need.

As you scroll further down, you’ll see links to their most recent blog posts, links to how they can help you travel more (destination suggestions and detailed itineraries), and about Dave and Deb, where you can learn about their story and how they’ve become such a popular travel blog duo.

Further down there are links to some of their most popular blog posts and an intro to their latest travel video. A new travel video is uploaded each week and covers everything about what they’ve been up to and where they are.

At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find easy access links to their travel resources, social media pages, as well as ways to collaborate with them, contact them, etc.

As mentioned, the website is extremely easy to navigate and each of these links take you to the appropriate pages. The only slightly negative aspect about The Planet D website that I could find is that they have an advertisement banner that stays at the bottom of the page even as you scroll. It could be a little distracting but at least it’s not an even more annoying pop-up ad.


What’s a feature that stands out on The Planet D website?

Visitors and users of The Planet D website will find several beneficial features but one that stands out the most are their itineraries. This is especially great for people who want to travel to destinations around the world but don’t have the time to research the attractions, etc. and just want to buy their ticket and go. Each of their itineraries have been tried and tested to make sure you make the most of your time in a particular place and that you are able to see all the attractions and really immerse yourself in your travel.

They have readymade itineraries to Europe, North America, and Asia. I took a look at their “The Perfect 3 Days in Singapore Itinerary” as an example to see how it’s broken down. The itineraries have a table of contents with links to each section, so it makes it even easier to navigate and jump to a particular section. A breakdown of the itinerary included information on where to stay in Singapore, getting around Singapore, how to reach the city from the main airport, attractions for each day, and links to helpful resources while traveling in Singapore.

They’ve gone into lots of detail so even sections such as where to stay in Singapore are broken down into luxury hotels, budget hotels, etc. The getting around Singapore section discusses different modes of travel and suggests the fastest way of travel – you’ll even get an idea of how much it would cost.

You’ll see suggestions on how to spend the day; for example, the Singapore itinerary suggested visiting Marina Bay on the morning of your first day, SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park in the afternoon, and Clarke Quay in the evening. They also include lots of attraction options so that you can customize your time based on what interests you.

What I really love about the itineraries are the interactive maps that they’ve included in each. The maps, which are done using Google Maps, break down the attractions mentioned for each day so you can see where they are, where to get started, how long it will take you to get from one to the other, and how you can travel between the attractions.

The itineraries are extremely detailed, full of information, and are by far one of the best features I’ve come across in any travel blog.

Another feature on The Planet D website that deserves a shout-out is the page filled with budget travel tips. It suggests ways to save money on booking flights, choosing cheaper destinations, finding alternative accommodation such as camping or staying at a hostel, how to make the most of travel reward points on credit cards, and other ways to travel for cheap, such as taking advantage of free attractions and traveling during off-peak times. The information is quite helpful and is definitely worth making the most of when utilizing the travel website.

Their Nomadic Living section is also extremely helpful if you’re interested in living the nomadic lifestyle. Working remotely and finding a career in travel can be exceedingly difficult if you don’t know where to start. The Planet D duo share all of their resources, advice, tools, and tips to make it easy for anyone who wants to. You’ll learn how to travel while juggling a career or making travel your career if that’s what you chose. Some of the topics covered include discovering your passion, simple steps on how to start a travel blog, ways to get paid to travel, finding travel jobs such as teaching English abroad, how to live remotely, and so much more.


What destinations are covered on The Planet D website?

It’s important that a travel blog is all encompassing when it comes to destinations because then it could apply to a varied style of reader and adventurer. Dave and Deb have done just that in their many years of travel. Some of the regions they’ve explored are Asia, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, North America, South America, Oceania, and the polar regions.

This adds up to over 115 countries in all seven continents with some popular destinations being the United States, Canada, Morocco, South Africa, Italy, Scotland, Cuba, Jamaica, Maldives, Philippines, Japan, Colombia, and Venezuela.


What will you find on The Planet D blog?

The Planet D blog has over 10,000 subscribers who eagerly await their weekly blog post because it is just so informative and interesting to read – even if you’re not planning to travel any time soon. While you’ll find links to their latest blog posts on the main page, the right-hand side navigation bar has links to their most popular posts.

Some of their most popular posts cover topics like the best travel quotes in the world, the best travel vloggers on YouTube, and Canadian slang and sayings. You’ll also find articles such as ‘29 Awesome Things to do in San Francisco’, ‘Top 13 Best Treks in Nepal to Help You Choose the Right Trek For You’, and ‘22 Best Luggage Brands Of 2022 For Every Budget’.

The blog covers anything and everything travel related and you’ll find some interesting articles for your future adventures.


Is it expensive to use The Planet D website?

The Planet D website is completely free to use. You can access all of their blogs, itineraries, travel tips, and more at absolutely no cost to you. All of the travel resources listed on their website link directly to third party sites so nothing you book goes through them; they’re just suggestions made based on what has worked best for them.


What kind of experiences will you find on The Planet D website?

The experiences tab on The Planet D website is a fantastic way to find places to travel and tips to help based on your hobbies and interests. Their bucket list experiences can inspire you when deciding on where to go and what to do. You can browse through road trips they’ve been on, safaris, hiking destinations, the tropics, adventurous trips, and even the time they’ve spent in Antarctica.

You can also use this page for particular experiences such as historical sites, honeymoon destinations, wonders of the world, festivals, and even a list of places you have to visit in your lifetime. It’s a wonderful way to find your next vacation destination based on what you love to do.


Does The Planet D have a mobile app?

The Planet D does not have a mobile app but is easily accessible through your mobile internet browser. They are also active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.


How do you contact someone at The Planet D?

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of The Planet D website, you’ll find several footer links, including one that says ‘Contact Us’. The link takes you to an online form to submit where you fill in your name, email, and message, and it says that someone will get back to you within a week.

  • Operated by husband-and-wife duo who have actual experience in making a living out of travel
  • Prominent blog featured on several platforms such as Forbes, National Geographic, CNN, and BBC
  • Creators have traveled to over 115 countries in all seven continents
  • Travel guides help you find your next destination, find transportation and accommodation, plan a budget, etc.
  • Detailed itineraries to several cities around the world make travel easy; includes details on hotels, transportation, attractions, etc.
  • Travel tips cover a range of topics that is useful for users; you can even learn to make money while traveling
  • Experiences let you find places to go based on your hobbies and interests whether it be dangerous safaris, hiking locations, and more
  • Tons of links to resources that make travel easier such as hotel booking sites, buying travel gear, etc.
  • Website is extremely easy to use and the navigation bar at the top of the page lets you find everything in a flash
  • Blog and vlog are updated weekly and cover a number of topics that are interesting even if you don’t have any immediate travel plans
  • Easy to read blog posts, usually set out in list form
  • Comments section under each article where readers can leave feedback
  • City guides present useful information in packs
  • Find inspiring destinations by traveler categories
  • Footer advertisement at the bottom of the website that is distracting when you’re trying to read an article
  • No actual services, etc. sold directly on the website; instead, there are links to third-party websites
  • No mobile app but can be accessed through a mobile internet browser