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Coinmill is a simple currency converter that gives the exchange rate between a number of different currencies, including BitCoin and DodgeCoin. There is an option to select a currency and see how it compares to every other currency in the world using a chart. This is very useful in deciding where to travel based on where to get the best exchange rate as all the conversions are easily view-able on one single page. You can also choose whether to round the results to the smallest currency unit or not, making for a potentially very accurate exchange rate.


Like XE, Coinmill offers the option to add their currency converter to your website as a widget, making it easily accessible to potential visitors. There is also an option of ‘Personal Currency Converter’ where you can customize the service by picking just the currencies you want to convert and save on having to search through in the future.


A great addition to the Coinmill website for me was the Coinmill.com alternatives section, which lists related sites with a short explanation of what they do. This seemed like a very honest and helpful approach in comparison to other websites that will do everything to keep you on their page.


One thing Coinmill lacked was a fact file page for each currency and graphs to compare exchange rates between two currencies. Although there were links to Wikipedia pages of each one, they lacked the detail included on XE, such as nicknames, banknotes and history. An inclusion of this sort would maximize the website. The design and layout of the website itself was also slightly disappointing, with a very out-dated look and feel to the site in general, however results were quick to load, making it a good place to go for a quick conversion.

  • Compares exchange rates across all currencies in easy to read chart
  • Option to add currency converter to website and personalize converter
  • List of alternative websites to use and short explanation of what they provide
  • No graph to show changes in currency over time
  • Out-dated look and feel to website in general
  • Exchange rates show updates to the day, rather than to the hour