I’m all in favor of changing the game when it comes to booking trip itineraries and accommodations. That’s why I was so pleased to try out Intrepidtravel.com/eu when it appeared on my radar. I was quite surprised at their volume of worldwide offerings, to be sure. They had some interesting options I had not seen elsewhere, such as in Greenland.


Intrepidtravel.com/eu also has the unique distinction of being a “carbon-neutral” travel platform. In other words, they take the time to explore all of their routes and find ways to minimize your polluting footprint along the way. I can really appreciate that as I strive to be eco-friendlier when I travel.


Key Features


Offerings all over the World


There are a whole smattering of start-up travel platforms and unfortunately, most of them only offer the bare minimum when it comes to traveling abroad. Intrepidtravel.com/eu stands out from this heard because they offer not only trips to major cities, but also some locations off the beaten path in Africa and the Middle East.


Carbon Offset on All Trips


Intrepidtravel.com/eu carbon offset program is fully unique in the industry, with the company committing to minimizing the amount of pollution produced by their customers when booking through their platform. Besides pre-research ever itinerary and finding ways to minimize travel-based waste, Intrepidtravel.com/eu also annually purchases carbon credits in order to support environmentally friendly projects in their community.


Noteworthy Weaknesses


Unprofessional Website Materials


Even for these great company-wide features, I was not at all impressed by Intrepidtravel.com/eu’s unprofessional presentation on their website. Much of the copy felt like a first draft and felt like it was targeted at university students rather than prospective world travelers. Taken together, this lack of professionalism doesn’t represent a commitment to successful communications.

  • Themed experiences for everything from biking to sailing
  • Offerings in Asia, Africa, and Europe
  • Carbon offsetting on all itineraries
  • Informal website
  • Website not secured for safe transactions