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One of the reasons I prefer to use when making a booking is that, unlike other accommodation websites, they have kept things simple by keeping flights, taxis, or rental car hire in the background, and instead focusing principally on hotel reservations.


Their ‘Hotel.comRewards’ scheme means that if you use their website to book accommodation over 10 nights, they offer the chance to receive great discounts at one of their 297,000 properties around the world. With the same scheme, you can also get access to ‘Secret Prices’, which are lower prices on their hotels that the general public can’t view, something that savvy travellers can take full advantage of.


Their ‘Price Guarantee’ is a feature that I’ve also come to use quite a lot when making a reservation on a hotel. This just means that if you find a better price on the hotel on another website, then will match it right up until the day before check in. Although it can often just mean a few less dollars, it can add up over time and allows you to feel as though you’re getting the best deal wherever you stay.


The dual review system that is available, in which the Tripadvisor reviews and reviews are both clearly visible on each booking, helps to give a clear and reliable idea of what to expect. Where Tripadvisor falls down – in the sense that the reviewer doesn’t have to have stayed at the hotel to leave a review – makes up for it by only allowing past guests to leave comments.


Photos are clear and descriptions of properties are always laid out in a detailed checklist, allowing for an easy reading and, overall, great transparency when making a booking.

  • Homepage not made convoluted by other booking features such as flights, taxi or car rental
  • Reward scheme and price guarantee allow users to get best deals on hotels
  • Dual review system helps give clear idea of what to expect from each property
  • Doesn’t offer price comparison, meaning in order to benefit from price guarantee user will have to search around on other websites for best deal