At home, in the car, or traveling abroad…all of these are domains where proper insurance is a must in order to prevent excessive lose caused by unexpected accidents. Given how often I take to the skies and travel abroad, I’ve given more serious thought to insuring my trips. Among the many options available, is among the best that I’ve used.


Even from the outside,’s offerings are affordable for most budgets. They even offer some deductibles as low as $0, ensuring that you won’t need to pay a red cent before coverage kicks in. is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, allowing me to trust them fully in this critical industry.


If you’re looking for a fair-priced travel insurance agency, should definitely be among your top contenders.


Key Features


Better Business Bureau Accredited


At times, booking important services can be a minefield of shady transactions and questionable coverage. lives by a higher code though, as quantified in their Better Business Bureau accreditation. In fact, has earned one of their top ratings – an A+ rating with a history of compliance and transparency.


I will rarely trust my sensitive credentials to anyone with lower standards, so this BBB rating really helped put me at ease when using


Low Deductible’s deductibles were also a sight for sore eyes. Health insurance of all kinds has grown to normalize exurbanite deductibles, making it difficult to access coverage until you pay a small fortune. This service is different, though, as they offer a wide variety of payment and coverage options that can even lead to you carrying a $0 deductible.


Noteworthy Weaknesses


Added Cost for Travel


Even for their benefits, I don’t recommend or travel insurance in general to every traveler for every flight. Because travel insurance adds a considerable cost to already expensive travel, I tend to save this extra protection for only my most important trips abroad.

  • A+ BBB accreditation for added security and trust
  • Low deductibles down to $0
  • 24/7 concierge services on some plans
  • Added cost to already expensive travel
  • Slow claim response time