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Since the launch of the World Wide Web in 1990, there has been an explosion of resources providing information on travel, from articles in online magazines and newspapers to videos and podcasts. However, none have been perhaps quite so successful and beneficial as the travel blog, which have in recent years appeared in droves. Travel blogs are, simply put, online platforms created by travellers who trot the globe collecting material and writing about their experiences across a whole range of locations, be it the Grand Canyon or a hidden cafe in a corner of Berlin. With the arrival of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, bloggers have been able to reach an even larger audience, making it easier than ever for people to discover recommendations, travel inspiration, lists, itineraries, city and country guides. Unlike official guidebooks, the writers themselves are not necessarily professionals, however they are nearly always extremely passionate about what they do for one reason or another, meaning for each place you are sure to get a fresh perspective of what exactly to expect from someone who is doing something they love.


Our list of the best travel blogs is compiled of what we believe to be the ten most well-rounded and insightful blogs currently available to those interested in exploring the world. In composing the list, we considered a range of different factors important to providing only the most resourceful blogs, assessing aspects such as content range, writing style and usability to create an all encompassing selection. With so many travel blogs now available, our list can help save you time by only presenting the very best of the bunch, whether you are looking for information from the perspective of a couple, solo female traveller, luxury globetrotter or budget-conscious backpacker. Each review is laid out in a series of paragraphs detailing its highlights, unique features and drawbacks, while the pros and cons of each one are listed in an easy-to-read set of bullet points below each review.


One of the first features that was assessed when reviewing each blog was the quality and writing style employed by the bloggers themselves. As has already been mentioned, the majority of bloggers are not trained professional writers, meaning the general standard of writing varies significantly from person to person. Where one blogger may have a vast range of content across hundreds of locations yet a lower quality of writing, another may have less posts yet a higher value to each one thanks to their superior writing ability. This can be a difficult aspect to assess due to the subjectivity of it, however blogs with content that appeared to have taken longer to produce often came out on top of those where articles had seemingly been churned out simply to drive more traffic to the site. In a more general sense, it is also where blogs differ distinctly from published content such as that of national newspapers and travel guidebooks, as the majority of blog posts do not go through the same stringent editing process. The advent of blogs has opened up the subject of reporting to a wider scope of people, however this in turn means that the quality of content has diminished somewhat, due to the same fact that anybody can do it regardless of qualifications or experience. For that reason, when reviewing the blogs we made sure only to include the ones with the very best writing, meaning those with not only interesting and unique content but also good grammar, punctuation and written prose.


Another feature that was considered when reviewing each travel blog was whether it included a comments section and, if so, how interactive it was. Offering a space for users of the site to leave their feedback and any questions they may have on the articles creates a more comprehensive platform as it expands on the subject in question, adding a variety of perspectives and thoughts from other travellers who want to share their opinions. Rather than simply allowing the author to have the final word, as is the case in guidebooks, a comments section opens up and expands the topic, providing extra information that had not occurred to the writer. For example, when travelling from London to Paris, the blogger may only have experienced flying and therefore can only talk about their experience of getting a plane between the two cities. However, with a comments section, someone who may have travelled by Eurostar can provide information on getting the train, which is a completely different experience. Furthermore, we looked at how interactive the comments section was, by this meaning whether other people could leave replies, as well as ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the feedback. In general, those that allowed people to add their thoughts on comments were ranked higher than those where you could not.


The demographic to which each blog catered was another aspect that was taken into account when reviewing the various websites. As travel blogs are published by individuals rather than by companies, they tend to present a far more personal account of each destination that they talk about. However, a consequence of that is that they may also only provide one perspective that caters only to a specific type of person. For example, ‘Hippie in Heels’ is a blog managed by Rachel Jones who writes specifically on luxurious travel for women, focusing on glamorous locations, boutique hotels, and fine dining. This means that, although interesting, it is not relevant to a large percentage of people who have an interest in travel yet do not share the same resources as Jones. Similarly, ‘Ordinary Traveler’ provides a great selection of content, but it comes from a middle-aged American couple who may not participate in the same activities, nor visit the same places as a young person travelling alone would. Hence, we found that the blogs which included guest writers offering their opinion from a variety of different viewpoints, such as ‘Nomadic Matt’ and ‘Off the Path’, were more well-rounded than those with just one author. Nomadic Matt’s blog includes a section on solo female travel, for example, despite the fact that he is a male in his twenties, due to the fact that he regularly invites a woman to provide articles on the topic.


Finally, we looked at the ‘travel resources’ section included on each blog and how much information they offered on the subject. Travel resources are simply articles that give tips and advice on travel-related topics such as what to pack for a trip, where to find the best accommodation, when to book flights, and guides containing specific information on cities and regions. These usually differ from the main content, which focuses mainly on personal experiences of a trip, and are often laid out in a list format to make reading quick and easy. On some blogs, the city guides and itineraries can be downloaded to make viewing them even easier.


Overall, our list featuring the best travel blogs is a great resource for discovering information on everything you could possibly need for planning a trip away. Significantly different from traditional publications, travel blogs provide a more personal account of worldwide destinations from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. With this list, you will be able to find the most comprehensive and well-written blogs, featuring content from every type of traveller, be it a backpacker on a shoestring budget to a wealthy married couple. Although the post may not have been through the same editorial process as newspapers, magazines and guidebooks, their pieces offer unique insight and up-to-date information that moves away from the formal style we are so used to reading in official publications. Our reviews consider the variety of factors mentioned above to present only the very best blogs, saving you time that would have been spent scrolling through pages of results.

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