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Something we can all agree on is that booking a flight is no easy task. It can often mean spending hours in front of the computer, desperately trying to find the best deal amongst hundreds of competing offers, even for the shortest of journeys. The travel metasearch engine, Skyscanner, is a website that, for me, has transformed this frequently hectic process into a stress-free one.


With its simple and easy-to-use interface, Skyscanner has quickly become my go-to for booking flights, whether it’s between London and Chile, or just a quick journey up to Scotland. Not only does it allow you to compare flights across all different airlines, it also allows the flexible travellers amongst us to pick a time to travel depending on when is cheapest. Often, out of mere curiosity, I will select the option ‘Cheapest Month’, choose two different starting points and hit go, just to see where I can fly for under £20.


Across no other flight comparison website that I’ve used have I seen this feature and it has proven very useful for me in the past in getting the very best deal. However, Skyscanner is not just a flight comparison website; they also offer the chance to check prices on hotels across a range of different websites, including Booking.com, Expedia and Hotels.com. You can toggle the currency depending on where you’re looking from and filter options on Price, Star Rating and even Cancellation Policy. This last filter has come in useful for me on several occasions when I’ve been unsure of whether I could stay somewhere and needed to find a flexible deal on cancellation. Once again, this is a feature that I am yet to discover with such ease as is offered on Skyscanner.


Skyscanner also features a ‘Car Hire’ section, which I am yet to take advantage of but that I imagine works in a similarly effortless way to the rest of the website, by comparing a range of different car hire companies, thus allowing the user to pick the most suitable to their needs.

  • Simple interface
  • Comparison of hundreds of websites all in one place
  • No pop-up adverts that distract from booking
  • Susceptible to crashing or won’t allow user to enter certain locations