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India Mike is an online community forum dedicated to travel in India, including information, advice, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and travel itineraries. The forum is separated into a series of categories, each with its own set of threads and replies.


One of my favourite things about the forum is the travel itinerary section, which includes hundreds of recommended trips across India. You can sort the entries by different filters, however I find the ability to sort by ‘replies’ as the most useful as it provides an idea of which post you will be able to gather the most information from, while sorting by views gives an idea of which itinerary is most popular.


Like other travel forums, clicking on the name of the contributor takes you through to their profile where you can see how many posts they’ve made, age, last activity and join date. That being said, I found the profiles to be lacking in information, particularly when compared to a website such as Travellerspoint that includes photos, a bio and even marital status. An obligation to provide more information on the profile page would make for a more personalised and sociable feel to the website.


Yet another feature that I liked was the ability to ‘like’ posts, much like you can on Facebook. This allows you to show appreciation for sound advice and, therefore, when searching through replies gage a better understanding of which tips to follow and perhaps which ones to ignore. As well as seeing likes, on the thread you can also see where the contributor has posted from without having to click on their profile, meaning you know if they are a local or just someone who has visited the place.

  • Useful travel itineraries for India
  • Ability to like posts
  • Can quickly view where contributors are from
  • Profiles lack detail
  • Only focused on India