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What is IndiaMike travel forum website?

India is easily one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Whether you take a road trip all the way up to North Bengal, you want to hike the legendary Pin Parvati Pass, or you just want to sightsee in New Delhi, I believe that everybody should visit India in some capacity at some point in their lives. India is not only rich in culture and delicious food, but it is also steeped in a rich history that is thousands of years old. No matter how you prefer to travel, India can be the perfect destination for everyone.

If you are unfamiliar, though, with the region and the particularities of travel in India, it is probably wise to first become acquainted. Anytime that I need to learn more about any destination, my first instinct is to visit travel forums. They aren’t as frequently talked about as, say, flight or hotel booking sites, but travel forums are an indispensable resource. I always recommend finding a travel forum for your destination prior to actually going through and finding the best travel booking sites – especially if you are traveling to a land that is particularly foreign to you.

Travel forums truly are the best way to learn everything there is to learn about traveling somewhere new. Whether you are interested in finding the best places to eat in a given city, the sights that you just cannot miss, what parts of a place that might be wise to avoid, or even potentially finding a travel companion, making use of the best travel forums on the web can be a great way to make the most of a strange land.

When it comes to traveling in India, there is just so much to do and see. Without a local guide or friend to show you around, it can be downright overwhelming. Even if you just plan on staying in a single city in India, you could risk missing out on the experience of a lifetime simply because you did not know about it. Instead of bugging the locals, though, about what you need to do and where to eat on your trip, there is an excellent travel forum dedicated solely to traveling in India.

IndiaMike definitely deserves to be included in the list of the best travel forums. And when it comes to India travel, well, this site is something of a necessary resource. India Mike is an online community of people who love traveling in India. Whether you are a seasoned guest of India or you are planning your first visit, India Mike is the travel forum you need. Filled with over a decade of useful advice, information, hotel and restaurant recommendations, travel itineraries, and more, India Mike is one of the most useful and active travel forums in the world.

Maybe you are just interested in lurking the forum, taking in information here and there. Maybe you aren’t quite sure if a trip to India is right for you. Or maybe you just got back from holiday and you want to share your tales and pictures with a community of fellow India travel enthusiasts who you know will appreciate it. Whatever the case may be, India Mike has got you covered.

One of my personal favorite aspects of India Mike, though, has to be the travel itineraries. These are very easy to browse, there are tons of them, and they are some of the most useful travel resources that I have ever stumbled upon on the internet. Even if you aren’t the kind of traveler who is interested in following an itinerary faithfully, step by step, browsing this enormous archive of Indian travel itineraries is a great way to get inspired to craft your own, or potentially add stops that you previously hadn’t considered.

India Mike is easily the authority when it comes to Indian travel forums. Anytime somebody tells me that they are planning a trip to India, one of my first questions is whether they have had the chance to check this site out yet. But we all have different preferences and tastes when it comes to sites like this, especially sites that double as online communities; so, is India Mike the best travel forum for you? Well, let’s take a closer look and find out, shall we?

Is IndiaMike Legitimate?

IndiaMike offers a subdued and minimalistic approach to travel forum design. I rather like it, personally. It is clean, neat, organized, and easy to navigate. Travel forums have a tendency to get a little too overcluttered, in my opinion, but India Mike gives every post, every thread, an appropriate amount of room to breathe.

The layout of the site, though, is a bit different from most travel forums that I have seen. Instead of beginning with an index of topics and letting you explore each individually, India Mike presents a series of posts, each labeled with a category, be it West Bengal, Indian cooking and cuisine, India travel news, or photography (to name a few). The layout of this travel forum is more like a newsfeed than it is a traditional travel forum.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of this setup. I think it makes it a little more difficult to browse by specific categories than it should be. Sure, you can click on a given category and then be transported to that category’s posts only … but I don’t like that I have to scroll down the page for who knows how long before finally happening upon the category I am interested in. I wouldn’t mind this nearly as much if I could at least navigate the site by category via some sort of clearly labeled site menu bar.

Once you do click into a thread, though, there is a sort of clever feature at the bottom of the page that allows you to skip from one post to the next – this makes reading the thread not entirely unlike reading an eBook or something. Alternately, you can jump to the top of the thread with the click of a button or simply type in the number of the post that you would like the page to navigate you to.

How good is content on IndiaMike travel forum?

This travel forum couldn’t be any better when it comes to providing tons of great content surrounding traveling throughout just about anywhere in India. Almost any topic you could imagine – from yoga to food to national parks – can be explored and discussed here. Plus, you won’t find a better travel forum when it comes to finding excellent travel itineraries for planning

your trip to India. The community is active, friendly, helpful, and informed, too, which is always crucial when it comes to picking the best travel forums. Nobody wants to become a member of an online community that is populated by people who either don’t actually know their stuff or are rude and unhelpful. As far as Indian travel forums are concerned, you couldn’t be in better hands than IndiaMike.

I also enjoy the fact that users can “like” each other’s posts, giving the site a bit of a social media feel that other travel forums do not offer. This compliments the layout, love it or hate it, which more closely resembles, say, Facebook than it does Reddit.

The only things that seem to be notably missing from this travel forum are A.) more detailed and personalized profiles, and B.) direct messaging. All that you can see on somebody’s profile is their username, birthday, homepage link, join date, and activity. It would be a nice addition, I think, if members of this community could really let their personalities shine. Maybe a gallery of travel photos would be cool … why not commit to making India Mike a lowkey social network? Why not add in the ability to direct message fellow members? I think that this travel forum’s community could be even tighter with a few minor additions to the site.

Does IndiaMike have an app?

It will likely come as no surprise to those of you who frequent travel forums to learn that IndiaMike does not have a mobile app. Most travel forums do not. That being said, the site works wonderfully through your phone’s mobile browser. It is perfectly optimized for mobile devices, and everything rearranges and resizes to best fit smaller screens. In fact, I think that the site’s design, in general, is better experienced on my iPhone than it is on my laptop.

What can be better on the India Mike travel forum?

I would like to see IndiaMike expand in a couple of ways. For starters, I think that this could become one of the best travel forums on the web if it really embraced the social media features that it already has some of (via the “like” button). Why not build on this and make profiles more personalized, elaborate, and interactive? Also, adding the ability to message users is a necessity, if you ask me.

I would also like to see India Mike expand beyond India. There are plenty of travel forums out there that have extensive info on India, but they also have content surrounding other popular destinations around the world. I get the idea behind creating a tight-knit community of people who love India, but some might find it a little too niche for their liking.

What I Like about IndiaMike

-Resourceful travel itineraries for visiting India

-Ability to “like” posts and comments

-Huge archive of valuable info on Indian travel, culture, food, and more

What I Dislike about IndiaMike

-Only applies to India

-No direct messaging

-Profiles are short on info

  • Resourceful travel itineraries for visiting India
  • Ability to “like” posts and comments
  • Huge archive of valuable info on Indian travel, culture, food, and more
  • Can quickly view where contributors are from
  • Only applies to India
  • No direct messaging
  • Profiles are short on info