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LiveTrekker is a mobile application that lets users to capture their travels by tracking their position using GPS, giving details on everything from walking speed to altitude, while marking photos and videos on a map so as to allow you to relive your excursion whenever you want. LiveTrekker is free to download and use, however they also offer a premium package that costs $24.99 a month and includes additional benefits, such as extra storage, ability to submit sponsored trips, and personalised support from the LiveTrekker engineer team.


From my experience using the app, one of the best features is undoubtedly the ability to continue utilising all its features in “Disconnected mode”. This means that LiveTrekker can still be used with its full functionality without sending data, hence saving valuable battery life and avoiding roaming costs. When you are connected with free internet, such as Wi-Fi in a café or hotel, you can then synchronise everything you have recorded.


Another brilliant inclusion of the app is the community aspect that allows you to discover trips submitted by other users, and curated by the LiveTrekker team. You can download them onto your phone, meaning they can be viewed offline at any time, and provide excellent ideas for trips. I have often been inspired to make an excursion based on the immensely detailed trips uploaded by other travellers, providing more information than an image search or blog article could possibly give.


An issue I found with LiveTrekker was the functionality of the application itself. There seems to be a lot of unsolved bugs that cause it to crash and prevent you from signing in by implying that you have “Invalid credentials”. This has caused the app to receive a number of one-star reviews on both the App Store and the Google Play store.

  • Wide-range of different features, including GPS map
  • Disconnected mode allows app to be used without connection to the internet
  • People can submit their trips that can be viewed by the public
  • Application itself contains a number of bugs that need fixing