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Routehappy is a product differentiation platform for air travel, aggregating data on aircraft, seat, layover, Wi-Fi availability, power outlets and fresh foods on flights globally to provide ratings for customers and make booking flights a more transparent experience.


When making a flight reservation, it is not always clear what exactly will be included on-board your journey. For that reason, I often refer to the Routehappy Amenities Hub in order to find out detailed information of in-flight facilities, which are presented by the website in a simple format that allows you to quickly gain all the insight you need with a brief glance. They use symbols to indicate items such as Wi-Fi, power sockets, on-demand entertainment, and beverages across 300 airlines, while they can be translated into more than 25 languages.


Routehappy’s Universal Product Attributes, or UPAs, are another great feature of the website that provide rich content to showcase and bring unique airline products and services to life. UPAs are targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare and more, giving customers relevant and useful merchandising content while they shop. These include high quality photographs, infographics, HD videos, 360-degree tours, and detailed descriptions. With so many different options on the market in terms when booking air travel, this level of information helps make deciding who to fly with a far simpler experience.


One thing that Routehappy certainly lacks is the inclusion of a blog offering advice and tips for customers when booking flights. Blogs can be considerably resourceful places to refer to for information on everything air travel related, from when the best time to buy a ticket is, to how to survive a night sleeping over in a terminal.

  • Routehappy Amenities Hub allows customers to view on-board flight information at a glance
  • Translated into 25 languages
  • UPAs provide rich content showcasing airline products
  • No blog or forum