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Review of Vpnsites.com: A highly-rated VPN ranking platform

Are you looking for the best place to learn about VPNs?

Wait, scratch that!

Are you looking for the best websites to read unbiased and detailed VPN reviews? We got you covered in this Vpnsites.com review.

At the end of this article, you will have learned several ways Vpnsites.com will help you subscribe to the right VPN service that will protect your digital footprint, ensure you do not overpay for services, and provide in-depth guides to make the most out of a VPN server.

About Vpnsites.com

Vpnsites.com publishes independent, unbiased, and expert-vetted reviews of the most popular VPN providers on the market. The company’s motivation is straightforward: Helping users choose the right VPN services for their needs amidst the numerous VPN services online.

Vpnsites.com recognizes that home and personal security are the top priority for most people today. But when it comes to protecting ourselves, people often still consume outdated information concerning web security and VPNs. As a result, they buy into online behaviors and subscribe to VPN services that put their privacy at risk.

To resolve this problem, David Williams, the website’s owner, set out to create a website that makes it easy to find updated security research, guides, and other resources about VPNs all in one place.

As a result, Vpnsites.com serves as a VPN tool and top VPN provider analysis network, assisting everyone in making an informed, logical decision on the best VPN service provider to pick in order to protect their online privacy, unblock falsely restricted material, and circumvent censorship.

Users enjoy the simplicity of details on Vpnsites.com, here is why:

Interactive design

When an interactive design complements simplicity, the user experience becomes interesting. Vpnsites.com applies this principle excellently across the platform. As a website that sets out typically to educate and guide its users to make the best choices when subscribing to a VPN channel, Vpnsites helps users find the information they need quickly and interactively. For instance, if you hover on a specific VPN in the listing, the panel will pop up a colorful summary of the VPN’s core features.

And it’s not just colorful for the sake of color. Rather, each color represents a specific feature, and we find that structure throughout the website. As you can see in the image below, yellow represents the integrity of the VPN’s privacy, red stands for the overall quality features, and blue summarizes the user score.

In addition to beautifying the website, this intelligent use of color ultimately helps the user visualize the metrics that measure a VPN’s quality.

Compare features and pricing.

As users, sometimes, we have unlimited time to make a decision. Other times, we need to think on our feet and make a choice. Let’s say you need to access a client’s website via a VPN to submit a job application before the client is bombarded; you might have to choose the best for the task VPN right on the spot.

Now, here is where Vpnsites.com comes in. Rather than browsing through many VPN reviews to get a feel of their features and pricing, vpnsites’s top 30 VPN listing allows you to choose the right fit on one screen. You do not necessarily need to click through each one to decide.

Here is an example:

As you can see, VPN services like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark offer the best return on investment. And it is essential to note that they are ranked based on their features and not the editor’s choice.

To illustrate, the chart shows that while ExpressVPN has more locations unlocked, NordVPN offers the best value for pricing in the long run because you get to pay $88 for 24 months rather than $80.04 for 12 months while still enjoying most of the features in ExpressVPN.

Therefore, Vpnsites.com’s pricing and features chart helps users make the right decision the first time, saving hours of research, removing risks of trial and error, and avoiding scams.

In-depth VPN reviews

Let’s say you are looking to start using VPN services or you are looking to switch to another provider; reading expert roundups is a great way to start. This is an aspect where Vpnsites.com performs excellently.

On the one hand, the website is managed by tech experts who have been into VPN services for many years. On the other hand, each VPN comprehensively gets a dedicated page to comprehensively discuss its pros and cons.

In the end, Vpnsites.com does tell you which VPN is good or bad. Instead, the website’s in-depth review helps you justify why every dollar you spend on a VPN site may or may not be worth it.

User score

Nothing commands trust among prospective users more than an unbiased review from another user who has tested the product in the online marketplace. User scores are among the core metrics that Vpnsites.com uses to score a VPN’s overall performance.

Where does the user score come from? You might ask.

Vpnsites.com uses complex technologies to collect user ratings from trusted user-review portals like trust pilot to compute the user score. A score between 3 and 5 shows that most users are satisfied with the VPN service, while scores below 3 might indicate abysmal services.

VPN faqs

Reading a comprehensive faq section can help you develop clarity when you are in doubt. That’s what makes Vpnsites.com an excellent choice for beginners and VPN enthusiasts. The website has an entire section dedicated to the most basic and rarely mentioned questions about how VPN a solid VPN service should work and how to get started.

Looking for a fast and reliable VPN? Make the right choice with Vpnsites.com.

What is a fast and reliable VPN? You might say, “a VPN that you can trust to work every day, offers high mb/s speed and protects privacy,”- and you won’t be wrong. But you won’t be absolutely right either.

Here is why:

Many VPN services preach their services are fast and reliable because they offer the exact features you mentioned. But in the internet world, true privacy should guarantee an impregnable security infrastructure- a quality that most VPNs cannot provide.

How does Vpnsites.com help you make the right choice then?

It’s simple!

Vpnsites.com recommends VPNs that have military-grade encryption and are powered by a range of protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2, and more. As such, you can rest assured that you are selecting a VPN service that guarantees the highest level of security in the industry, making your location or personal info invisible to hackers or unauthorized sites.

In addition, vpnsites also analyzed the VPNs based on their return on investment.

Typically, the site answer, “why does X VPN cost higher than Y.” For instance, they analyzed a VPN’s ability to torrent and stream main content. As a result, VPNs that play your favorite shows, whether on Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer, while offering a fair price and security are ranked higher.

Finally, Vpnsites.com tested each VPNare ranked higher in various scenarios, from downloading and installing the program to connecting to the appropriate server. Customer service is equally important. Therefore they looked at the availability of each VPN and the several ways to contact them.

Vpnservices.com distributes each VPN into categories where they best fit so that you will not overpay.

To develop an accurate, unbiased result, the platform compares each VPN’s performance to its price to determine if they are worthwhile. The result showed that while services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN ranked highest in most categories, some users may still prefer other VPNs with moderate functionality.

As a result, a person simply wants to stream Netflix needs a VPN service whose pricing is suitable for that purpose. That way, users do not have to overpay. Vpnsites.com solves this problem by categorizing VPN services according to their functions.

  • Best VPNs for Streaming

Viewers in specific regions might be unable to access streaming services like Netflix, HBO, and Prime Videos without a VPN connection. To find the best VPN suitable for bypassing these restrictions without leaving a digital footprint, Vpnsites.com creates a category of best VPN sites for streamers for their users.

  • The Best VPNs 2022

Because VPN services often roll out updates and new features, it can be hard to keep up. However, Vpnsites.com has curated a list of highly-rated VPN services in 2022 so that you can subscribe to the services with the latest features.

  • Best VPNs For Torrents

With slow internet speed, browsing and downloading from Torrent websites will be a massive waste of time and resources. Select one of vpnsites’ expert vetted VPN services to download torrents with the speed of light.

  • Best VPNs For Windows/Mac

Some Windows/Mac PCs are more tolerant of VPNs than others due to their security configurations, browser versions, and hardware features. Vpnsites.com’s Best VPNs for Windows gives you insights on the best VPNs for windows with balanced performance, zero logs, 100% security & unlimited bandwidth.

  • Best VPNs For Android/iPhone

What are the best VPN services guarantee high-speed networks as you work on the go, changing geographical locations?  Vpnsites.com’s Best VPNs for Android category has the answers.

  • Best Free VPNs

When you are working on a budget and still do not want to compromise security, Vpnsites.com lists free VPN services like Windscribe that will get the job done.

  • Best VPNs by Reddit

Reddit is blocked in India, China, and some places and schools. Luckily, some VPNs are specially designed to help you bypass this regulation. If you are looking for such, you will find vpnsites’ curated list of Best VPNs for Reddit useful.

  • Best VPNs For Multiple Devices

Looking for a VPN that works on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac, Vpnsites.com’s category of VPNs for multiples is a great place to look.

  • Best VPNs for Gaming

Playing games like Warzone and Apex Legends with high latency speed is practically just volunteering your player as a shooting practice for enemies. The low latency speed VPNs in this category are worth their price; take advantage!

What are the top five VPN services on Vpnsites.com?

The top five VPN services on Vpnsites.com are:

  • Express VPN: Ensures internet security and privacy protection so that you can use the web with no fear of cybercriminals, and restrictions
  • Nord VPN: Best for optimal safety and privacy, bypassing any geo-restriction and enabling safe torrenting
  • Surfshark: Best for safe torrenting and geo-restriction bypassing at a low cost
  • CyberGhost: Works with the most recent security updates and offers up to seven simultaneous connections
  • Mullvad VPN is great for people who only need a service focusing on privacy and bypassing Netflix geo-restrictions

Frequently asked questions

Can you trust Vpnsites.com?

The information on Vpnsites.com is researched and edited by industry experts. The VPN reviews deep-dive into some of the most rarely asked questions about VPN providers, helping users make informed decisions based on research and logical conclusions.

Where is Vpnsites.com based?

The information on the site shows that Vpnsites.com is registered in Los Angeles, California.

Wrapping up

VPN review websites do not need to be full of charts and complex analytics to help users choose the best VPN providers. Vpnsites.com performs excellently in this aspect, as seen from the review.

With an interactive user interface, price and feature comparison function, in-depth VPN reviews, user scores, and detailed faqs, Vpnsites.com helps users make informed decisions without opening several tabs.

Whether you are looking for VPN providers for streaming, gaming, torrent downloads, Mac/Windows, etc., or you just need a service with the latest features, you do not need hours researching; Vpnsites.com has categorized the best VPNs for each function.

If you are still in doubt, you can subscribe to any of the VPN providers on vpnsites.com’s top 5 list. These VPNs are tested and trusted and believed to handle most of the tasks from streaming, torrenting, geo-bypassing, and gaming perfectly.

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