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Claiming to be the world’s most global car rental company thanks to their 10,000 locations across 145 countries and 6 continents, Hertz offers some of the best deals on car rental available on the market. Their website is simple to use, presenting you with the option of choosing exactly what vehicle type you’re after and giving you the chance to book either as a member or a guest. If you are part of their Gold Plus Rewards program and want to make sure you can book with them where you’re travelling, you also have the option of selecting ‘Help me find a Hertz rental location’ to check availability across multiple places.


Once you have filled in your preferences, the website will take you through to a new window where you can view all the available cars where you’re travelling. I was especially impressed by the ‘Included in the rates’ and ‘Not included in the rates’ checklists, as they gave a clear indication as to what exactly you would be getting with the booking. You also have the option to pre-pay online or pay at the location, with the latter being slightly more expensive.


Like Enterprise, after you have chosen your vehicle you can select extras to add-on to your booking, such as child seats and a satellite navigation system, although its worth checking their offers section to see if you can get any add-ons included for free. However, compared to other similar websites, their selection of offers were not as wide-ranging.


Another feature that caught my attention when using Hertz was their car sales category. This offers a wide range of used cars for sale with a five-day test drive included to help make sure you are buying the right car for you. Although this moves away from simple car hire, it seems like a good service to advertise if you are moving to a new place and want to find a deal on a car.

  • Gold Plus Rewards scheme offers great benefits for repeat customers
  • Checklist of what each car hire includes
  • Option to buy rental car under Herts Rent2Buy service
  • Limited selection of special offers