Budget Car Rental


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Sorting everything for a trip away can be a stressful business and anything that makes life a bit simpler can be a great advantage. Budget Car Rental is an easy to use car rental website, offering a whole range of different vehicles depending on your preference.


With its special deals for Amazon customers and AARP members, as well as a rewards scheme for loyal customers, Budget is a great choice for those looking to get a good deal on car rental. I found their Fastbreak rewards program to be a great feature, offering members the chance to benefit from skipping the queues and the paperwork by signing up. With the same membership, you can also earn ‘Budget Bucks’ that can be used to get money off future bookings. With no limits to how many ‘Bucks’ you can earn, you could find yourself making significant savings on multiple rentals.


Making a rental is easy enough and functions much in the same way as Enterprise, in which after you have entered your preferences, you will be shown a list of results to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your vehicle you’ll be given the option of adding on extras, such as theft protection, hands-free navigation and child safety seats. I particularly like the option of ‘Budget Travel Partner’, which offers assistance during your travel, including translations, medical professional services and real time flight updates.


However, the cost of the extras seemed to be more expensive than other websites, and did not change if you were only booking for a few hours. There was also no easily accessible information on where to go to collect your car in each city, something which comes fairly essential when travelling somewhere you’ve never been before.

  • Special deals for Amazon Customers and AARP members
  • Rewards scheme offers quick rental and money off future bookings
  • Good choice of extra add-ons
  • Add-ons more expensive than some other websites
  • No quickly accessible information on where to find rental car site