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FlyerTalk is the go-to place for the latest travel news, with a particular focus on air travel, but that also covers hotel information and advice for getting the best deals.


My favourite part of the website is the forum featuring discussions and chat boards where FlyerTalk’s community of people can post on a range of topics, from airlines and mileage programs to hotels and dining. Each forum topic has thousands of threads and some have more than a million posts from people around the world. This provides a great resource for getting first-hand information on travel, posing questions and helping others out with their queries.


Another section of the website I find extremely useful are their hotel guides that are often formatted in the style of a list, such as the ’10 Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin’, and give a detailed breakdown of the best places to stay in a whole host of different cities around the world. Each post comes with a range of different high quality photos and even allows you to input your travel itinerary to check rates for when you are planning your trip. If that’s not enough, then there is also a ‘Hotel Reviews’ section, which provides expert reviews across a selection of hotels, a more reliable source, perhaps, than TripAdvisor that is based on user reviews.


One downside to using FlyerTalk to get all your travel news, beyond the fact that it is mainly focused on airline and airport updates, is that the homepage is rather jumbled. Although they have tabs at the top with links to different sections of the website, the range of material is strewn across the home screen in a messy order, making it difficult to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

  • Forums cover a wide variety of topics with information on airlines, hotels and latest deals
  • Hotel guides allow you to see the top places to stay in a range of cities, as well as see expert reviews
  • Heavily focused on air travel news
  • Convoluted homepage