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TravelDailyNews is a daily travel and tourism news portal for the international travel trade market that has been supplying stories for nearly twenty years. Topics range from aviation to worldwide exhibitions and are written by a whole host of different experts, who often use data and statistics to present articles. You won’t find any clickbait headlines here.


One of the aspects of the website I find most intriguing are the original interviews that TravelNewsDaily offer, featuring a selection of different people, including industry experts, hotel owners, tour operating CEOs and travel technology specialists. The interviews always provide insightful outlooks around the world of travel and you come away from each article feeling as though you have learnt something that you didn’t expect to know going in. This differs from other travel news websites, which often focus solely on mishaps, such as arrests on aeroplanes or humorous holiday mishaps.


Another great feature of the website are the various featured articles that present lists, advice and comparisons between items such as travel gear or insurance options. Although the articles are often quite short, some made up of just a handful of paragraphs, their content is of much higher quality compared to other websites like Daily Star Travel, and are usually sourced from well-respected places.


However, that being said, I found TravelDailyNews to be quite dry in terms of how its content was presented and written. Articles do not have that many photos or videos interspersed throughout and, although sometimes interesting, the topics can be a little dull. In my opinion, it is more of a website for people wanting to gain insight into the travelling world rather than for those planning a trip or looking for inspiring ideas of where to go.

  • Original interviews with industry experts
  • Featured articles contain a range of well-researched topics
  • Content can seem a little dry
  • Lack of photos and videos to go with articles