Great Wolf Lodge

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If you are trying to plan a vacation, you might be frustrated with trying to find the perfect destination. Often times, people don’t want to do a lot of work on their vacation and need a resort getaway. That’s where the Great Wolf Lodge comes in. The Great Wolf Lodge is famous for providing family-friendly entertainment to millions of people each year.


The Great Wolf Lodge is primarily a water park, but also contains dozens of other attractions and acts as an all-in-one resort. With locations all over the Midwest, it’s never a challenging prospect to find one near you.


If you are trying to plan your next family vacation but are having trouble finding one spot to please all, you should consider the Great Wolf Lodge.


Key Features


Expansive Water Park


The Great Wolf Lodge features a large waterpark that caters to young kids, teenagers, and adults all at once. There are several attractions within the waterpark to enjoy as a family or as a group of adults such as the child play areas, lazy river, and large water slides!


The water park measures an incredible 80,000 square feet with a 12-level explorable tree house water fort and 13 amazing water slides that cater to guests of all ages. There are also 9 pools, so it isn’t crowded and unpleasant like many other water parks.


Arcade & Family Activities


Once you’re done in the water, you can relax with the family at the several arcade attractions, the spa, or the fitness center. No matter your preferred method of vacationing, you’ll find something at the Great Wolf Lodge to meet your expectations.


Noteworthy Weaknesses




Since the Great Wolf Lodge is such a premium destination, it also comes with a price tag. The Great Wolf Lodge is an all-in-one resort that isn’t the most affordable place to stay out there. If you are looking to plan a vacation on a tight budget, the Lodge might not be a great option for you. However, we do think that it’s a great value for what it costs and you and your family certainly won’t ever be bored.

  • Family-friendly
  • Plenty of attractions
  • Large water park
  • Not as affordable as some other vacations