SellOff Vacations

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First launched under the name ‘Dream Vacations’, SellOff Vacations has been providing affordable travel to Canadians since 1979, making it one of the first travel retailers to offer all inclusive package holidays. Since then, they have branched into a number of travel-related sectors, now offering discount flights, cruises, coach tours, hotels, car rentals and more, developing partnerships with a wide variety of major travel providers.


However, it is for that reason that the SellOff Vacations homepage struck me as looking fairly overcrowded. With so many offerings, promotions, deals and extras, it is difficult to know where to start to find what you are looking for. Often, a simple, minimalistic homepage can be far more effective than one that tries to pack in too much, and SellOff Vacations is certainly an example of one that requires less information.


A feature that I did like about SellOff Vacations was their Affiliate Programme. This allows customers to sign up to receive exclusive travel deals, unlimited online access, a dedicated, 24/7 support system for free and access to a national travel network to help with trip planning and face to face consultation. It is free to become a member and gives benefits unavailable to those who are not registered.


To find a last minute deal, users must click on the ‘Last Minute Deals’ tab, where they will be shown a whole range of different packages currently available. You can change the packages that are shown by selecting your specific city of departure, however other than the option between three, four and five star resorts, there are no search filters that can be applied to narrow down results, nor can you sort the options by categories such as price. Personally, I feel as though the addition of these would undoubtedly make finding the perfect last minute deal much quicker and easier than having to scroll through all the results.


There is also relatively little information about the deals on the website. Instead, a new window will pop up that takes you to a third party website to find out details of the hotel and what it includes. Being able to view everything in one place would clearly have made it more simple to browse deals.

  • Free affiliate programme offers benefits to members
  • Overcrowded homepage
  • No search filters on last minute deals
  • Few details on packages displayed on website