18 Reasons Why You Should Travel to The Philippines?!

by author David Jones

The Philippines is a group of over 7000 tropical islands, located in the Western Pacific. With stretches of heavenly white sand and bright blue skies, the Philippines are truly paradise on earth. Whether you want to sip cocktails on the beach or sample the exotic cuisine, this country has something for everyone! In addition to the incredible outdoor activities the Philippines has to offer, the country has a rich cultural history too. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that the Philippines is rated in the top holiday destinations around the world!


1. Chocolate Hills

Located in the Bohol province, the chocolate hills are among the most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines. Over 1268 symmetrical hills fill the region, each one between 100 to 160 feet high, and covered in grass. The Chocolate Hills are grouped close together, emerging from dense forestation at their feet. The mostly untouched landscape is truly a unique and beautiful sight to behold. In the summer, the grass covering the perfectly formed mounds turns brown, earning them the title of “chocolate hills.”

2. Tubbataha Reef


Part of any fantastic tropical holiday should involve diving or snorkeling in a beautiful coral reef. With over 7000 islands, the Philippines does not disappoint and offers several diving spots throughout the country. One of the most popular places to snorkel is the Tubbataha Reef, which is part of a National Marine Park. The protected reef is made up of two rings that surround the island, known as the North and South Atolls. A deep dip separates the atolls in the ocean floor that stretches about 5 miles. This unique band of beautiful blue depths is what makes the Tubbataha Reef so accessible. Divers can experience a sudden transition from the shallows of the reef to a massive dip in the ocean floor.

3. Mayon Volcano

The Mayon Volcano stands 8000 feet above sea level and is the most active volcano in the Philippines. The volcano is famous for its cone-like symmetry and is thought to be sacred by many of the local islanders. Over the last 400 years, this volcano has erupted more than 50 times. In 1814 the Mayon Volcano made history when it exploded, scattering the surrounding villages with volcanic rocks. The Cagsawa ruins offer an ideal viewpoint, and the remains of the baroque church and belfry are part of the tourist attraction.

4. Puerto Princesa Underground River

The Philippines are a nature lovers dream come true, and attract tourists for its idyllic beaches and stunning waterfalls. To add to the magic, visitors can experience a guided tour of an underground river on the northern coast of Palawa. The underground river is the world’s longest subterranean river and features breathtaking rock formations and several bats. A national park protects the river, and paddleboat tours offer an extraordinary underground experience.

5. Bikini Floating Bar


There are three floating bars in the Philippines, the most popular of which is the Bikini Floating Bar. This small wooden boat is anchored off the shore of Puerto Galera and offers a unique drinking experience. To get to the Bikini Floating Bar, guests are transported in a small boat to the middle of the bay. Whether you’d prefer to sip a cocktail or a glass of water, the floating bar is an incredible experience. Customers are permitted to jump off the boat for a swim, and the comfortable couches are perfect for holiday relaxation.

6. Cebu Taoist Temple

Cebu Taoist Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the world, famous for its ornate and brightly-colored exterior. Surrounded by a well-kept garden, visitors to the temple are greeted by the gorgeous statue of a dragon. The temple was built in 1972, with the purpose of preserving the teachings of Lao-Tse. Lao-Tse was a Chinese philosopher from around 600 B.C who founded Taoism and is a deity amongst many Chinese religions. Tourists can explore the library, chapel, and souvenir shop, and of course, make a wish in the wishing well.

7. Island Hopping Cruise

What better way to explore the Philippines than on an island-hopping cruise? There are many tour packages available to take tourists from island to island for a luxury holiday experience. The tours can be customized as desired, and typically offer a standard two-week package. Island hopping cruises are a unique opportunity to experience nature by day and restaurants or bars by night. The journeys are planned to tour several popular tourist attractions, including jungles, wildlife and cliff diving! Accommodation remains the same throughout the tour, meaning you only need to unpack once!

8. Sky Walk Extreme Adventure

Get ready for an adventure because Sky Walk Extreme Adventure will get your adrenaline pumping for sure! The experience takes place 400 feet above the ground, on the translucent glass roof of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. Visitors are strapped to a harness and have the exciting opportunity to walk around the rim of the building. There are only four Sky Walk Extreme Adventures in the world and only one in the Philippines. The facility is located in Cebu city and is open daily for either night or day time sky walking. For the very brave, there is also an “edge coaster” that offers a gentle tilted ride around the building’s edge.

9. Explore Instramuros on a Bamboo Bicycle Tour

For a healthy and culturally educational adventure, you can head to Manila for a guided tour of Intramuros. This breathtaking 16th-century walled city showcases the fascinating history of the capital. Tourists can walk through the town or take a guided bicycle tour in groups of fifteen or less. The tour stops at Fort Santiago, Plaza Roma, and the World Heritage site of San Agustin Church. Instramuros boasts several beautiful cathedrals and gardens, as well as several restaurants and museums.

10. Kawasan Falls

The Philippines is famous for its many beautiful waterfalls, but the most famous is the Kawasan Falls. Known worldwide for its exquisite beauty and turquoise waters, this is a site that is not to be missed. The Kawasan Falls is found in Cebu and offers tours on big bamboo rafts for a heavenly experience. There is also “canyoneering” available, which is the art of cliff-jumping off small waterfalls into pools. Whether you’re the adventurous type or not, the Kawasan Falls are a memory you will never forget.

11. Filipino Locals

Filipinos are known and loved for their welcoming spirit and unrivaled hospitality. Of course, you have to earn the honor of being invited into a Filipino home, but the culture is incredible. If you do befriend a Filipino person, you will see firsthand the warmth of this friendly nation. Guests are treated like royalty, and close friends are treated like family. The culture prizes family and friendship, so spread the love and take a gift.

12. Shipwreck Diving

Sangat Island in Coron is known as one of the best diving locations in the world and showcases incredible shipwrecks. The wrecks can be found in both deep and shallow waters, suitable for experienced divers and beginners alike. It is possible to view the shipwrecks and the fish that live in them, by snorkeling or scuba diving. The ships are mostly from World War 2 and were sunk during an attack on the Imperial Japanese Navy. There are so many shipwrecks to see that tourists often stay for several days of underwater adventures.

13. Kadayawan Festival

The Philippines is home to several festivals, but the Kadayawan Festival is the most famous. Held in the third week of August, the Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of life. The festival is located in the city of Davao, and honors nature for the harvests as well as cultural roots. During the festivities, travelers can feast their eyes on float parades made of flowers and street dancing too. The performers all wear brightly colored matching outfits for a visual extravaganza. Tourists can expect to find a variety of traditional food, drinks, and music for the complete festival experience.

14. X-Factor Level Food Options (Only for the Adventurous)

One of the craziest things to do in the Philippines is to sample traditional local dishes for a toe-curling experience. This activity is not for the faint-hearted or the conservative, but will undoubtedly make a great story to tell! Among the options to choose from are dishes such as bull’s penis, pig’s brains, fried crickets, and straight-up worms. Adventurous tourists can additionally sample cooked blood, chicken heads on a skewer, and so much more. Whatever you do, don’t forget to get a picture of some social media gold!

15. Sirao Flower Gardens

The Sirao Flower Gardens are located in Cebu City and are an excellent way to spend a day in the sun. There is a wide variety of flowers to see, and the atmosphere is very peaceful. The gardens are made up of several areas, including “Mini Amsterdam,” which is filled with artistic décor. From colorful hanging umbrellas and hats to treehouses and windmills, the garden is a must-see. In addition to the quirky, there is a giant hand statue for another excellent photo opportunity. The open palm is so big it can hold a few humans, and has to be reached via a small stairway.

16. White Beach

The most famous tourist beach in the Philippines is known as White Beach, for its pristine white sands. The beach provides hammocks beneath palm trees and several chairs, as well. The busy beach offers a variety of water sports and boating fun. From banana boat rides to the glass-bottomed boat, there is something on White Beach for everyone. If you would rather relax and enjoy the epic view, you can have a beachside massage White Beach too! Not only is this gorgeous beach the perfect way to soak up the sun, but it is loved for the nightlife too.

17. Tagum City Durian Festival

In case you haven’t heard of the Durian, it is also known as “the king of fruit”. The fruit has a higher nutritional value than any other fruit and is fast gaining popularity among the health-conscious. Some people dedicate their lives to traveling and eating the Durian fruit. Regardless of your level of enthusiasm, Tagum City Durian Festival offers a unique and fun experience for the whole family. The month-long festival offers durian eating contests and durian culinary competitions for a unique foodie experience. You can sample several durian dishes at the festival, including cakes, pies, coffees, and much more.

18. Ten Thousand Roses of Cebu

The Ten Thousand Roses of Cebu have gone viral for their beautiful and romantic display. The 10 000 LED roses are located outside the Ten Thousand Roses Café, lighting up the night with their glowing petals. Specially designed with couples in mind, most visitors prefer to arrive at twilight to experience the incredible view. To enter the restaurant, you walk a wooden pathway through a “field” of big UV roses on either side. The café is situated on a full pier and is beautiful to visit either day or night.

All in all, there is something for everyone in the Philippines. The beauty of the beaches, landscapes and waterfalls is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or thrill-seeker, this group of islands has it all. Why not experience everything the 7000 islands have to offer? From tasting worms to Durian cocktails, this country provides a unique (and sometimes scary) culinary experience. In addition to trying the local cuisine, you can go deep-sea dive to see the coral reefs and shipwrecks too. Experience the festivals, floating bars, and ten thousand roses cafe for a fun-filled adventure and memories that will last forever.