50+ Travel Facts That Will Amaze You

by author David Jones
50+ Travel Facts That Will Amaze You

There are so many fun and interesting travel facts that will leave you wide-mouthed and in awe. We’ve found some of the greatest travel trivia out there and compiled this list, in no particular order, for you to know as general knowledge or to share with other fellow travelers while on your next adventure.

  1. Despite what popular media would have you believe, it is impossible to open a plane door in the middle of a flight because of how pressurized it is in the cabin. It would take several strong people and a lot of effort to push it since the door has to be moved in and slightly turned before it would open.open a plane door in the middle of a flight
  2. If you do a lot of traveling across the nation, you may feel like your jet lag is worse when traveling from west to east. And if you do feel that, you’re right – research shows that our natural sleep cycle between being asleep and awake is slightly over 24 hours. This means that we get more disturbed on a journey traveling from west to east since that makes the day shorter. When you travel from east to west, it makes the day longer and our brains adapt to it more easily.
  3. Approximately 64,640 selfies are taken around the world each and every single minute, and a majority of these people are on vacation at the time.

    64,640 selfies are taken around the world

    64,640 selfies are taken around the world

  4. When a commercial airplane takes off from the tarmac, it’s going approximately 160 – 180 miles per hour, and can fly from 550 to 580 miles per hour.
  5. Less than 5% of Libya’s land area is suitable for grazing livestock, making over 95% of the country desert and agriculturally useless.
  6. There’s an island in Japan’s Inland Sea called Okunoshima that is inhabited entirely by bunnies. The rabbits are very tame, super friendly, and will often come right up to you and cuddle.

    Japan’s Inland Sea called Okunoshima that is inhabited entirely by bunnies

    Japan’s Inland Sea called Okunoshima that is inhabited entirely by bunnies

  7. Battle Creek, Michigan, more popularly known as Cereal City, makes more cereal than any other city in the world. It is the hub for breakfast cereals and is home to companies like Post, Kellogg Co., and more.
  8. Pilots and co-pilots are not allowed to eat the same meal on a flight in case one of them causes food poisoning and upsets their stomachs.
  9. Nearly 3% of Antarctica’s ice is made of penguin urine. Since it’s so cold there, the urine freezes in the ice, can’t be washed out, and cannot evaporate.
  10. There are four times as many cows as people in South Dakota. With a human population of 844,877, the state’s cattle population soars at 3,650,000.

    There are four times as many cows as people in South Dakota

    There are four times as many cows as people in South Dakota

  11.  The official full name of Bangkok is “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit”. It is the longest city name in the world – no surprise there!
  12. Speaking of long names, the UK has the world’s longest country names; its official title goes as “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.
  13. On the other hand, the following probably qualifies as the shortest town name: There is a town in Norway just called “A”.
  14. Grab your wine glass when in Caldari di Ortona, Italy – the small town has a free wine fountain that flows with delicious locally-made wine.
  15. Maine is the only state in the USA with a one-syllable name.
  16. According to data collected in 2018, it would take a person 288 years to spend a single night in every hotel room in Las Vegas. This is probably longer now with the expansion of older hotels and the addition of newer ones. every hotel room in Las Vegas
  17. The longest boardwalk in the world can be found in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  18. Though it has three official languages, there are over 820 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea.
  19. The fear of traveling, more specifically ‘traveling by road’, is called hodophobia.
  20. Gatorade is named after the University of Florida Gators, which is the campus where a group of doctors invented the drink in a lab in 1965.

    University of Florida Gators

    University of Florida Gators

  21. The Great Barrier Reef is the only living structure visible from outer space.
  22. People are urged to travel to all different corners of the world, but there are few places that are almost impossible to get into such as Area 51, the Fort Knox Bullion Depository, the Google Data Center, and America’s highest security prison, the ADX Florence.
  23. 60,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed across the United States on a daily basis – except in Las Vegas, where the same amount is eaten daily in the city alone.
  24. Almost half of the American population researches, plans, and books their vacations using only a mobile device. Gone are the days we needed travel agents or even laptops.
  25. According to data compiled at the Aviation Safety Network, 85 aircrafts have vanished without a trace between 1948 and 2014. Bermuda Triangle, anyone?

    Bermuda Triangle

    Bermuda Triangle

  26. Information from the State Department in 2014 showed that only 46% of Americans had a valid passport.
  27. Nearly 30 million people in China live in caves. This is mostly around the Loess Plateau and the Shaanxi Province where the soil is porous which is easy to dig.
  28. One out of every eight jobs in the United States is related to the tourism and travel industry – though that might have lowered drastically this year with the onset of COVID-19.
  29. Certain parts of Mexico City are sinking by up to 16 inches a year. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is the fastest sinking city in the world. Sinking islands is a big problem in cities all over the world.

    Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

    Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

  30. The largest underground cemetery in the world can be found in Paris, France. The catacombs were created in 1777 amidst overcrowding in cemeteries and houses the remains of over 6 million people. It is now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.
  31. There is only a one in eleven million chance of being in a plane crash when flying domestically in the United States.
  32. Twenty-three million passengers ride the train in India daily. Also, if you were to lay the tracks from India’s railway network out in a single line, you’d be able to circle the world one and a half times.
  33. If you’re going to San Francisco, don’t feed the pigeons! It is illegal to feed pigeons in the city and can get you a fine anywhere from $45 to $300. The local government enforces the law to educate people about the diseases that these pigeons could spread such as spreading salmonella and meningitis.
  34. Can’t find your luggage on the carousel? 56 pieces of luggage are lost across the globe every minute. luggage
  35. Saudi Arabia is one of 17 countries in the world that doesn’t have a single permanent river flowing through it.
  36. While Saudi Arabia is one of the driest countries in the world, Canada is quite the opposite. The country has the most lakes in the world – over three million lakes in fact. That’s about 60% of the world’s total.
  37. Hate the rush when you’re traveling back home for Thanksgiving? You’ll hate flying during Chinese New Year then – over 385 million people travel back to their hometowns to celebrate with their families during this time. Chinese New Year
  38. Elopement more your wedding party style? Over 300 people get married in Las Vegas each and every single day.
  39. If you think anchovies or pineapples are a weird pizza topping, you’re not going to believe Sweden’s most popular choices: banana slices paired with curry powder.
  40. If you’re planning a vacation to Switzerland, make sure you never use salt or pepper in your food. Even though you might find it available on your table, it’s considered the biggest insult to the chef to do so.
  41. Recent studies show that your personality has a lot to do with your vacation destination of choice; introverts are more likely to choose a mountain vacation while extroverts prefer busier areas like the seaside.
  42. There are over 6,500 languages spoken all over the world today, yet given the choice of which one to learn on the language app Duolingo, 320,000 people have chosen to learn Klingon, which is the fictional language spoken on Star Trek. Duolingo
  43. New York was originally called New Amsterdam; the name New York didn’t come about until the late 17th century as a tribute to the Duke of York who helped in capturing the land from the Dutch.
  44. There are so many proven benefits of traveling to a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. For example, studies have shown that people feel less stressed within the first or second day of a vacation, that travel helps depression, and that consistently going on holiday can even lower the risk of heart disease. Traveling has also shown improvements in problem-solving skills and overall brain health.
  45. In the early 19th century, Alaska was not a part of the USA but rather, Russia. Even after it was sold to the Americans and became a U.S. territory, it wasn’t till about a hundred years later that it became a state.
  46. Entrance ticket prices to Disney World were only $3.50 on opening day. Today, it could range anywhere from $116 to $170 depending on the amenities added for a single day’s entry. Disney World
  47. Russia is the biggest country in the world. In fact, it’s bigger than Pluto.
  48. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the west coast. You can truly appreciate its beauty from the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point. It is so large that the bridge has a makeover scheduled throughout the year – it almost never stops getting painted!
  49. Many people swear that a Bloody Mary on an airplane tastes much better than one on the ground – and you know what, they’re not wrong! When you’re in high altitudes, about ⅓ of your taste buds are numbed which enhances the flavors you’ll find in tomato juice. It’s the same reason why most food on the plane tastes so bland.
  50. Finland has more islands than any other country on earth – almost 180,000 of them in fact. Finland
  51. Do your skin and throat feel drier than usual during a flight? That’s completely normal since the pressurized air in the cabin is kept below 20% humidity. That’s similar to the humidity found in the Sahara Desert.
  52. The Trevi Fountain is an iconic landmark and popular tourist attraction in Rome. People come from far and wide to throw their coins in the fountain and make a wish. In fact, the fountain collects almost 3,000 Euros on a daily basis! The haul is collected each night and donated to local charities.
  53. An average Boeing 747 has about 150 to 175 miles of wiring inside. It also holds almost 24,000 gallons of fuel – that’s enough to fill over 1,200 minivans! Boeing 747
  54. Even though China spans over five time zones, the entire country operates only on Beijing time.

Bet you didn’t know a couple of these mind-blowing facts and stats! Know one that we haven’t listed? Share it with our readers in the comments below.


3 Dating Myths About Narcissists Which Harm humankind

Our ever changing dating scene has changed rapidly in the last decade. No longer do people have to put in much effort to meet or court a romantic partner or mate they simply have to swipe right. While these engineering advancements have made it far more easy for people to connect, It also caused many disconnection, Instant satisfaction, And even a loss of true closeness. research shows that women who experienced online dating for example, spotted pervasive lying, personal economic scams, And unwanted sexual lack of control, While other studies point to steadily sexually risky behavior and grooming by predators (Choi et al, 2016; Vandeweerd, Myers, Coulter, Yalcin, Corvin, 2016; Machimbarrena et ‘s, 2018).

With the creation of these new dating norms and hookup culture has also come a slew of dating coaches and advice catering to how (lady, uniquely) Can obtain a relationship in the midst of all the chaos. While many dating coaches do have helpful advice, you will find many who are misinformed, Especially about narcissistic individuals in the ever changing dating scene. Here are three major myths about narcissists and modern romance which should also be dismantled, immediately:

proper truth: Meeting longer than one narcissist is not just more likely, It really common in today dating world, With narcissism and a lack of empathy apparently getting more common, Especially among younger generation (Twenge and therefore Campbell, 2009; Konrath, a Hsing, 2010). Narcissistic predators now have new tools such as dating apps to use as their hunting ground for victims everywhere around the world. within the future,this them access to multiple sources of narcissistic supply (rejoicing, love, strategies, sexual acts, And anything they can use with their benefit). this means they can terrorize multiple victims, All from the same week. No one should be blamed for coming across a manipulator or two on their dating journey. Some manipulators are easier to discern than others, But keep in mind that covertly they behave, The difficult it can be to pinpoint their true character.

It is also worth bringing up that anyone can be the victim of a psychopathic predator. consistent Dr. the reason behind such manipulators are very charming and have a false mask which can con even the most skilled and knowledgeable of people. Some victims also meet many predators due to the trauma repetition cycle a cycle where a person is abused in childhood and tends to become more heavily entangled with toxic people in adulthood due to their depths of the mind programming (levy, 1988). Yet even afterward, That still doesn’t mean that it is their fault they were abused in childhood and then later in adulthood the person who preys on vulnerable people is still the perpetrator, And increasingly sick for doing so. You can heal your wounds and work on them without blaming you and your family. associated with, border, Healing oneself and learning about red flags will protect us and we should be cutting ties with toxic people, But some victims are genuinely blindsided by how covert their own manipulator was, Which means none of us are truly immune to encountering someone exploitative, Even if we do not enter into a association with them. sufferers who do get tangled up with narcissists didn’t “like” a recent abuser. They find the false mask. There’s a noticeable difference between owning our agency and healing our wounds and blaming ourselves.

misconception 2: They not noxious, You just need to correctly to get a good What to Expect When Marrying a Filipina response and them over. Cannot over emotionally not available people, athletes, Or toxic narcissists, Nor should you want to. not everyone has a conscience, sympathy, Or even just the capacity to correlate. Only trust dating coaches who encourage criteria, Heeding the warning, And self admiration. They will see you as an especially juicy target because you doing the work of bending over backwards already and toxic people love empathic generally willing to sacrifice their own needs for them.

Since narcissists do gravitate towards dating apps as a hunting ground and dating apps have become such a popular way to meet people for both the younger and elderly, It is more common than not to swipe right on someone out to capitalize on.

whether be a garden variety player or a malignant narcissist, The dating pool is not just filled with wonderful people it also filled with plenty of predators. Be wary of who you trying this recommendation on, And be selective with who you may invest your energy in. If someone is not actively reciprocating for reasons uknown, Move forward to another prospect or take time to heal any self esteem issues its possible you have. You will never need to convince someone of your worth. if you are twisting yourself into a pretzel, Dismissing your boundaries and standards for somebody that couldn care less, you have danger.

always remember: You never have to tolerate someone mistreatment to be when you’re doing that, You are with an incorrect person.

lie 3: you not meeting narcissists or toxic people, notebook it, every single a narcissist, Being too hard on people or vindictive about people who aren meeting your preferences.

truth:over the course of this work, I corresponded with thousands of survivors of narcissistic people and have heard some of the most horrific abuse accounts. These survivors have undergone chronic emotional, internal, crisis, and occasionally physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their partners. And even they wrestled with much self doubt and self blame before they even awakened that their abusers were narcissists. you can be assured that very few people use the word liberally. the particular, Many women especially tend to rationalize abusive behavior, warning flag,And mistreatment before ever even calling one they dating toxic.

There are some dating coaches and victim blamers who will spout the myth that people are simply the toxicity of an individual because those individuals did not fulfill some need like take them out again or text them back. They will even claim that the culture has not changed and your the problem. finally this is, as expected, Very invalidating to those people who have been horrified by stalking online as retaliation from a match gone wrong, unsolicited nude photos, Or the acceleration of hookup culture all of which might be made possible by the huge changes in dating culture.

Many survivors know the distinction between someone who is simply not available or interested and a malignant narcissist they have experienced that difference firsthand. Usually the survivor has already experienced the entire abuse cycle with him or her so the last thing they would be doing is basing their narcissism on a missed text alone or a similar behavior. If a narcissist doesn’t text back, It’s usually part of a calculated silent treatment that has been occurring as a pattern for months or years it not the missed text itself that matters but why they are doing it and the fact that it’s part of a pattern for them to disappear.

Their conclusion that a person may be narcissistic or even psychopathic is based on an abuse cycle which contains the whole gamut of manipulation tactics like gaslighting, screening machine, Stonewalling, Slander, sabotage, Verbal or even exact abuse. Remember this the very next time you hear someone saying, Thinks their partner is a narcissist at this present time! fundamentally, That person might be waking up to what they experienced. Don disrupt their healing.

You can persuade folks to lead better lives, Pursue healthy relationships, And face up to their wounds all without ever blaming, Shaming, Or doubting them to abused, Invalidating their thoughts, Or making them regarding the abusive actions of others. Narcissism is increasing significantly in our dating culture, And while we must keep our eyes open to warning flag, We can persuade folks to do tremendous healing and inner work without ever engaging in victim blaming. with new dating era, It is very likely you will encounter a predator no one is immune to being manipulated. the earlier you get out, quicker. We should persuade folks to learn about the warning signs, Cut ties with toxic people sooner than later, All while granting support and empathy to individuals that been terrorized.

Garcia, n. R, Reiber, g, Massey, S. f, Merriwether, the latest. m. (2012). Sexual hookup modern society: a critique. Review of General therapy, 16(2), 161 176. doi:10.1037/a0027911

Hare, R. (2011). Without mind: The disturbing world of the psychopaths among us. Place of syndication not identified: Tantor information.

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Vandeweerd, g, Myers, t, Coulter, michael, Yalcin, the perfect, Corvin, m. (2016). pros and cons of online dating according to women 50+. Journal of women Aging,28(3), 259 270. Her most up-to-date book, vitality: living through and Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse, Was also featured as a 1 Amazon best seller in Applied mindset.

She is the founder of normal blog for abuse survivors,self-care Haven, Which has millions of views from across the western world.

For her undergrad education, Shahida graduated summa cum laude from NYU where she studied English Literature and psychology. She is captivated with using her knowledge base in psychology, Sociology, Gender studies and mental health to help survivors empower their particular own after emotional abuse and trauma.

Her writing has been featured on the national Domestic Violence Hotline, mindsets Today, The Huffington blog post, hair salon / spa, MOGUL, the main Meadows, Thought Catalog and Harvard trained psycho therapist Dr. Monica O’Neal’s on-line store.