How to Travel for Free?

by author David Jones

These days, airfare and accommodations can easily eat up anyone’s savings. The ever-increasing demand for travel has made it almost unattainable for most traditional employees thanks to the skyrocketing prices of travel-related expenses. Needless to say, we don’t all have that kind of money. So how exactly can you travel for less?

Whether or not you want to believe it, you don’t necessarily have to settle for smaller costs. Some smart moves will let you travel for absolutely free – it all depends on how good you are at spotting the opportunities.


Be a Smart Credit Card User


Credit cards are by far the best way to travel because of the benefits and perks that they offer those who frequently set out on new destinations. Check your options and you’ll find a wide array of travel credit card choices that let you earn points which can be used to pay for a portion of (or your entire) travel expense. Some cards only let you use points for flights, but there are others that have point systems that can be used on any travel-related expense.

Signing up for a new travel credit card can give you access to a pretty large sign-up bonus which can cover several hundred dollars’ worth of travel-related purchases, as long as you’re able to meet an expense limit within the first 3 months or so after activating your card.

These card offers can be so beneficial that most frequent fliers are able to accumulate enough points and miles to cover an entire travel-expense, from airfare, to accommodations, and even dining. So if you’re hoping to look for a way to turn your travels into a bonus trip later on, then you’d be better off spending for travel with your credit card.


Go Backpacking


There are lots of beautiful tourist destinations around you, so you might not actually have to fly out to have a fun travel experience. Backpackers who know how to play their cards right can actually curb thousands of dollars on travel expenses, making it possible to reach new destinations without the need to spend a single cent.

What are some of their saving techniques? Hitchhiking might seem unsafe, but this backpacker strategy can get you a few miles from where you started off without having to pay for any sort of commute fees. It’s also common for backpackers to befriend locals through the internet way before their trip, and then ask to crash their sofa for a few weeks while they discover the attractions in the area.


Join a Ministry


Did you know that a lot of religious and spiritual organizations will pay to have members of their congregation travel the globe and spread awareness about their church? Most often, these groups will want some of their representatives available in remote locations to work on a variety of ministries. These may include teaching about their faith, providing aid to those in need, and overseeing the growth and development of their church in that locality.


If you’re particularly attuned to your spirituality, then you might want to consider volunteering for your church. They’ll decide on a destination for you and pay for everything you need – from your airfare, to your lodging, and everything in between. Of course, the only downside is that you might not be able to visit home in the foreseeable future. But if you were hoping to travel and enjoy a destination with zero money spent, then this might be a good pick.


Help Out on a Farm


Back in 1971, a woman named Sue Coppard volunteered on a farm and fell in love with the idea. That’s when she founded the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms company. The goal was simple – to bring together travelers from all over the globe and farm owners who need free help for their properties. The jobs would be pretty dirty, of course, but after sowing seeds, harvesting crops, or caring for farm animals, the volunteer would have the rest of the day off to explore the locale.

What’s nice about WWOOF is that the farmers will pay for lodging, food, allowance, and at times, travel expenses. So if you manage to find a farm that fits your preferences, you might just be able to visit for free and have all your expenses paid to boot!


Plan a Vacation


Have a bunch of friends and family that want to take a trip to a foreign destination? There are companies out there that will give you one free ticket if you’re able to enlist at least 12 other paying travelers, depending on their terms. Now, it’s not always easy to be able to get that many people on a single vacation, but if you have a wide network of jet setter friends and well-traveled family members, it might just work out.

Keep in mind though that there will only be one free ticket, and all the other members of your group have to be fully paid adults. There are also different terms and conditions that cover airfare. So if you were hoping to have everything paid for, it’s best that you check out their conditions to figure out how you can avail of their 100% discount.


Final Thoughts


Traveling for absolutely free is actually possible – you just need to know where those opportunities exist. So, before you empty your savings for that trip you’ve been dreaming of for months now, check out these options. You might just find a fitting solution to help you travel with zero expense.