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FluentU is an immersive language-learning platform, based on the idea that people learn best when offered memorable and authentic experiences. The platform offers a whole host of different language courses, from French to Japanese, and features a mobile app so that you can learn whilst on the go.


One of the features of learning a language using FluentU that I liked best, and that I thought set it apart from other similar platforms, was the variety of methods used to help you develop your language skills. Rather than just make you repeat words and phrases, or show you flashcards, FluentU adopts a range of fun content to help you learn, including movie trailers, music videos, interviews, comedy skits, YouTube channels and cartoons. This allows you to learn without even really feeling as though you’re learning, perhaps the best way to tackle a new language.


There are two price plans when undergoing a course with FluentU, Basic and Plus. Basic is priced at $15 USD per month and includes the app, unlimited word lookup and unlimited videos and audios. Plus costs $30 USD per month, however it comes with everything that Basic includes, as well as unlimited flashcards, unlimited quiz, spaced repetition and the ability to create your own flashcards. They also offer a seven-day free trial to help you gain an idea if the course is right for you and can be cancelled at any time.


A problem I encountered with learning a language using FluentU was that although it was great for getting to grips with the basics of a language, it became less useful after the intermediate stage and did not offer much in the way of developing an advanced level. I also found that it could be quite heavy on new vocabulary and phrases, with the potential to leave you feeling dizzy with how much you have had to take on board.

  • Offers a wide variety of fun methods to help you learn a new language
  • Choice of two price plans to get the right method for you
  • Plus price plan is expensive compared to alternatives
  • Only useful up to intermediate level