Mango Languages

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Mango Languages is an online language learning platform that prepares its learners for realistic conversations and strengthens everyday communication skills in over 70 different languages. Unlike other platforms that teach vocabulary through sentences that you are unlikely to use in day-to-day interactions, Mango Languages focuses on teaching practical examples that are sure to come up when having a chat with a native speaker.


For me, one of the best features of Mango was the ability to access all 70 languages with one subscription. Often, when you sign up to a website, you are locked into one language, whereas with Mango you have the flick between all 70 for the same price of $20 USD per month. This also includes access to full-length feature films that can be watched scene by scene with a recap of the dialogue at the end that allows you to closely examine what was being said. That being said, movies are not available across all 70 languages.


Another great addition to the platform is the inclusion of cultural insights that go along with the language lessons. Not only does this better prepare you for going out and experiencing a new country, it helps you to assimilate with the local people by understanding the cultural nuances as well as speaking the language.


However, one of the issues that put me off using Mango as much as other language learning platform was the unengaging style of teaching that the website adopts. Compared to apps, such as Duolingo, it felt like a chore completing each task rather than having fun, while the lack of scoring in lessons makes it difficult to know how much you’re progressing.

  • Access to 70 languages with one subscription; not locked to just one
  • Full-length feature films available in selected languages
  • Cultural insights help better prepare you for going to the country
  • Style of learning is less engaging than other platforms
  • Cannot find out progression through scoring system