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HelloTalk is a language learning mobile app that allows users to learn a language by chatting with native speakers around the world, offering over 150 languages and more than ten million members to chat with. The app is free to download and acts as a direct interface through which you can have conversations, send messages or speak via voice messages with a person in your target language. With the premium paid membership, you can access translation tools, voice recognition and transliteration, thus allowing you to access the most important features of learning a language all in one place.


One of the best features of using HelloTalk for me was that you can start speaking in a foreign language without the fear of being embarrassed by getting phrases wrong or mispronouncing certain words. When using the app’s voice recognition, you simply speak into the phone’s microphone and it attempt to understand what you are saying by converting it into a text ready for you to send to your language buddy.


Another excellent inclusion in the app is the ability to find people near you who would like to practice speaking a language by meeting up for a coffee face-to-face. With over a million users, you’re more than likely to find a language exchange partner within a few miles and it can be a great way to meet new people while at the same time learn a new language.


A problem with the app that I came across while using it is that it very quickly drains the battery and requires good internet connection to exchange simple text messages. This makes it more difficult to use while on the go, meaning you cannot practice your language skills via the app in places such as the subway or on a flight.

  • Voice recognition allows you to speak freely without fear of making mistakes
  • List of people nearby who want to find a language exchange partner
  • Free version has lots of content that doesn’t make you feel as though you are hitting a paywall
  • Drains battery very quickly
  • Requires good internet connection to send messages