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What is Funjet Vacations? Is Funjet Vacations a travel agency?

A part of the ALG Vacations, Corp., Funjet Vacations is a platform that creates end-to-end vacations that exceed your expectations. The company provides travelers with popular and catered vacation packages that ensure you have the experience of a lifetime all while creating amazing memories you’ll cherish forever. The opportunities they provide, in addition to the hundreds of destinations available, the value they deliver, as well as their unparalleled customer care, are just a few of the reasons why they’ve been fulfilling vacation dreams for nearly 50 years.

In all this time that they’ve been in the industry, Funjet Vacations has built strong, long-lasting relationships with resorts and hotels all over the world. These include everything from upscale accommodations in Europe to luxurious all-inclusive resorts in South America. You can create the perfect vacation with Funjet – it’s just a matter of where in the world you want to go!

This review will take a more in-depth look at Funjet Vacations, what they offer, the actual functionality of their website, weigh the legitimacy of the company, and also look at the pros and cons of using their service.

What is the best website to book a vacation? How do I get the best deal on a vacation? Why should you book with Funjet Vacations?

So, there are lots of vacation booking sites on the internet and one of the questions this review tries to answer is “why Funjet Vacations”? Why should you book with them?

  • Funjet Vacations was founded in 1974 and is a leading player in the industry. Their representatives use their combined expertise to create the best vacation combinations: flights, hotels, excursions, etc.
  • The relationships they’ve built with hotels and resorts over the years means that Funjet can get you the best, most exclusive pricing on vacation packages.
  • Their exclusive non-stop vacation flights are offered only through them and give you the chance to get on non-stop flights from major carriers from several major gateways.
  • Take advantage of their dedicated ‘Groups Team’ so that you can plan a getaway with your friends from different destinations without having to go through the hassle yourself.
  • Multiple Funjet payment plans for you to choose from, meaning you can book your vacation and pay through flexible monthly plans.
  • Price match – if you find the identical vacation package for a lower price anywhere else, they’ll match it.
  • The Funjet Travel Protection Plan will cover cancellations or any changes to your reservation.
  • Join their Insider Circle ‘Exclusive Perks’ program for freebies such as room upgrades, free private airport transfers, VIP amenities, and more.

How do you use the Funjet Vacations website?

The Funjet Vacations website is filled with information that could be extremely useful to customers if they know how to navigate it properly. While it may feel like a lot of information is being thrown at you, using the website effectively can be very convenient for those who need to look up vacation destinations or book an upcoming holiday.

As soon as you go to the homepage, you’ll see two header navigation bars. The one at the very top has links to customer support, contacting a travel agent, a ‘Why Funjet’ page, and My Account – which can be used to keep track of vacations you may have already booked. The second header navigation bar has links to last minute deals and promo codes, finding discounted non-stop flights, destination guides, favorite resorts, information on all-inclusive vacations, and a link to their exclusive insider perks.

While all of these links and pages are very convenient, it’s the main top content on the homepage that is the real winner of the website. On the left-hand side, you’ll find the featured sale of the week which promotes one of their many vacation packages. On the right-hand side you’ll see the ‘Build Your Own Vacation’ search engine – the star.

The ‘Build Your Own Vacation’ search engine has input fields for package type (flight & hotel, hotel only, flight only, hotel & car, activities only), departure and arrival destinations, departure and return dates, how many adults and children are traveling, as well as a place to input any promo codes you may have. You’re then taken to a page of results that match your preferences. You can customize the results further using the left-hand side bar that lets you filter results by price, hotel class, amenities, and experience. It’s a wonderful, straight-forward way of finding what you want.

Below the ‘Build Your Own Vacation’ search engine on the home page, you’ll find your Funjet Favorites which is based on customer feedback. You’ll also see some of their most current deals and sales that they’re promoting at the moment.

Does Funjet Vacations have a blog?

While they don’t have a dedicated blog, the Funjet Vacations website does have pages for ‘Destinations’ that are filled with information. Once you pick a vacation destination that interests you, you have access to articles on the location, things to do, places of interest to visit, and so much more. The posts are scattered with useful travel tips that I found very helpful. They’ll even suggest some of the best boutique hotels and all-inclusive resorts to stay at while there.

Is Funjet Vacations legit? Is Funjet Vacations a reliable company?

To better perceive the legitimacy of Funjet Vacations, I took a look at consumer review websites such as the Better Business Bureau, ConsumerAffairs, and Trustpilot. Here’s how the company fared on each of the websites:

Better Business Bureau

Funjet Vacations has no rating on the BBB website and is not a BBB accredited business. They do have a 1 out of 5 star customer review rating, but it should be shared that this is based solely off of one customer review. That particular complaint was that the customer spent thousands of dollars but was never able to enjoy their vacation; no particular reason is given as to why they were unable to utilize the package they purchased.

Consumer Affairs

Funjet Vacations has over 150 reviews on the Consumer Affairs website, which gives them an average rating of 1.9 stars out of 5. Some of the more recent complaints include not getting a refund for mistakes made by the company, the inability to reach customer service (high wait times), and sudden cancellations without being alerted.

They do also have some older five star reviews – the last of which was left in 2020. But the positive aspects that were highlighted include getting better prices than when compared to booking directly with the airline/ resort and ease of getting a refund (if insurance is purchased).


On Trustpilot, Funjet Vacations has 2 out of 5 stars though that’s based on only 20 reviews left on the site. As you can imagine, most of the reviews are very negative and like with the other customer rating sites claim that the company was irresponsible with bookings and were very difficult to contact when needed. One particular complaint was in regard to the insurance; even though the customer had purchased insurance that would guarantee a full refund, they would only assign travel credits.

I would like readers to keep in mind that rarely do customers leave reviews on these websites when they’ve had a positive experience. Even so, it’s good to see where the problem areas lie in the numerous complaints that people have left behind. That being said, I believe that Funjet Vacations is a legitimate company but that their reliability is borderline nonexistent. If you book a vacation anticipating any changes or cancellations that may need to be made, it will probably be best to book directly through the airline/ resort.

Does Funjet Vacations have a mobile app?

While a mobile app is not promoted on their website, I did find a beta app for Funjet Vacations on the Google Play Store. There is no app for iPhone users in the App Store.

Does Funjet Vacations have a rewards program?

Funjet Vacations has an ‘Exclusive Perks’ program that will get you all the VIP treatment you crave. This includes discounts, upgrades, free gifts, and so much more. Some of the more favored rewards of the program include free private transfers, VIP excursions and access to private parties, and complimentary room upgrades.

The ‘Exclusive Perks’ program is something that Funjet Vacations offers through a partnership with some of their most popular hotels and resorts. All you have to do is book your next vacation at one of the participating properties and you’ll have immediate access to tons of freebies.

Click here to check out which hotels have exclusive travel perks through Funjet Vacations.

How do you contact Funjet Vacations?

There are several ways to contact customer service at Funjet Vacations. If you go to their website, there is a link on the left-hand corner at the very top of the page that says ‘Customer Support’. Once you click on that, you’re taken to an online form where you can leave your information such as contact number, reservation details, and questions or concerns; they say that a customer service representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.

That same page also lists other ways of contacting them such as email ([email protected]) or phone (888-558-6654) which is great if you need assistance immediately.



All in all, Funjet Vacations is a legitimate website but there seems to be lots of issues contacting customer service or utilizing any travel protection plan you may have paid for. If you do find a good vacation deal that you can’t let go and are 100% sure that you won’t be making any changes or cancellations, then Funjet Vacations is the way to go.

  • Founded in 1974; nearly 50 years of experience in the industry
  • Leading player in the industry that has built relationships with resorts, hotels, airlines, and businesses around the world
  • Exclusive non-stop vacation flights
  • Groups Team so vacationing with friends will never be easier
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Price match with competitors
  • Travel protection plan to cover changes and cancellations
  • Exclusive rewards program for VIP upgrades, freebies, and more
  • Easy to use website
  • Destinations guide for locations all over the world
  • offer financing options
  • FunJet has been around since 1974
  • book travel all in one place
  • 1.9 stars out of 5 on ConsumerAffairs review site
  • No rating on the BBB website and is not a BBB accredited business; 1 out of 5-star customer review rating
  • 2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot
  • Customers express concern with difficulty getting a refund
  • Long waiting hours to reach customer service
  • Sudden cancellations without customers being alerted
  • Lots of fine print in the travel protection plan that may deter actually getting a refund
  • No mobile app for iPhone or Android
  • No rewards program to build up points the more you book through Funjet Vacations