Virgin Holidays

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Brought to you by the same reputable Virgin group that has brought us several other industry-standard companies, Virgin Holidays has a true reputation in the business as a one-stop shop when it comes to vacations and accommodations. We were truly impressed with the amount of features that the Virgin Holidays site has offer and we are happy to recommend it to anyone trying to schedule a vacation that involves hotels, flights, cruises, tours, activities, or anything else you might want while on holiday. While some other travel agencies specialize in one area of your vacation, Virgin Holidays can truly do it all.


Key Features

One of the benefits of this service being run by a much larger company is the fact that you can take advantage of rewards points. Since Virgin has a well-defined rewards system that can drastically help you reduce the cost of your future vacations, this provides further incentive to book through Virgin as you know you won’t ever have a problem redeeming or using your rewards.


Virgin has hundreds of partnerships with hundreds of companies, thus allowing you to get the best rates in the industry with very low effort. If you’re on a budget, this is a good platform to explore some of your options on as it is very easy to compare prices on the Virgin website.


Finally, Virgin offers world-class customer service. This is another one of the benefits of it being run by such a large and prestigious company. They have the call center capacity to get you sorted out quickly if you do encounter any problems or have any questions. We see the customer service as one of the biggest assets that Virgin has and it’s a huge benefit to the customer, as well.



No matter the type of travel that you are trying to book or which location your vacation is going to center around, we highly recommend Virgin Holidays. Their site is exceedingly easy to use, offers all the resources of a large company, and gives unparalleled customer service for peace of mind. This is a wonderful all-in-one platform for those trying to plan any type of vacation.

  • offers all the resources of a large company
  • unparalleled customer service for peace of mind
  • all-in-one platform for those trying to plan any type of vacation