Gone with the Wynns


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Gone with the Wynns is a YouTube channel managed by travelling American couple Jason and Nikki Wynn. Describing themselves as perpetual travellers, sailors, RVers and modern day documentarians, the partners sold their possessions back home to embark on travelling around the world. Their videos focus mainly on sailing with the rest documenting their adventures on land that play out like travel guides. Since launching in September 2010, their channel has gained 200,000 followers and nearly 40 million total views.


An interesting characteristic of Gone with the Wynns’ channel is the fact that the couple do not have a base but rather live on their boat year round. This sets it apart from other travel vloggers, who usually have a base either in the USA or abroad, and take frequent trips. The idea of leaving your possessions and job behind is a scary prospect, however watching it work with Jason and Nikki is an inspiring facet of the channel that will appeal to many.


As well as providing information in a travel-guide style, they also feature videos on sailing tips and advice. Again, this is a unique aspect of the channel, as most tend to spend the majority of the time travelling on foot or by car. For me, it provides inspiration for looking for alternative ways to travel beyond the conventional, particularly when you see a video of the couple watching sunsets across the ocean from their catamaran.


However, a problem I have encountered while watching Gone with the Wynns’ channel is that their videos can sometimes come across as quite smug and perhaps, for that reason, slightly irritating. Rather than making videos to offer tips and advice for travel, when watching it can often feel as though they are simply trying to show people how good their life is.

  • Unique style of travelling – ditched possessions to live on a boat
  • Provide advice on sailing
  • At times, videos can come across as smug