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Soniastravels is a YouTube channel managed by Sonia Gil, an Venezuelan-born vlogger whose series of travel videos have earned her awards for its rich and insightful content. She was brought up in both Caracas, Venezuela and Florida, USA and speaks a variety of languages having also lived Paris. Views across all her videos currently add up to more than 18 million, while she has gained nearly 200,000 subscribers since the launch of her channel in 2011.


Her channel is divided up into a series of travel guides, titled ‘Travel’ followed by the name of the destination, including Miami, London, Barcelona, Nicaragua, Venice, Milan and Brazil. Each series has between one and 15 videos, featuring useful travel tips, advice, and hacks that will help you plan the perfect trip and gain insightful travel inspiration. Other categories include ‘Travel Gear’, ‘Product Reviews’ and ‘Preparing for your trip’, which I find infinitely resourceful due to wide-range of short yet informative videos.


An aspect of the content that I like in particularly is the unique way in which videos are shot. Sonia uses multiple camera angles and props to keep her material interesting and exciting, using clips that have been edited together to keep the viewer engaged with the video. Her ability to speak multiple languages also makes for a more authentic tour guide, as she is able to engage with the locals in many of the destinations she visits, rather than simply taking the ‘gringo trail’.


One problem with the channel is that after a period in which Sonia was uploading videos every Thursday, she has stopped entirely from producing content. Her last video was shared over a year ago.

  • Speaks multiple languages
  • Divided into easy to navigate series of videos
  • Videos shot and edited in interesting, funny and engaging style
  • Over a year since last video was posted